Monday, January 10, 2022

Comic #135 : Money & Power(D147) - A 1987 Rip Kirby strip


Another Rip daily from the period of Indrajal Comics. This particular strip was published in the Indrajal Comics as a 2nd story(Vol. 25 No. 38-39; 1988 -  Bengali title was "Satarka Pratishodhdata(সতর্ক প্রতিশোধদাতা)" - I don't have the English version of these Indrajal issues).


Basic Information:

Title/Serial No.Money & Power(D147)

Writer/Artist: John Prentice

Publication Period(strips)2-9-87 to 4-25-87(66 dailies)

Publication Period/Date(Indrajal Comics): Sept-1988 (Vol. 25 No. 38-39)


Some inside pages from the Bengali Indrajal issues - 

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