Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Devil's Island'(aka 'শয়তানের দ্বীপ') by Mayukh Chowdhury in PORTUGUESE(পর্তুগীজ)

UPDATE (31/8/2014) : Now in SPANISH!! After English and Portuguese, 'Saytaner Dweep' - the original Bengali creation by Mayukh Chawdhury, now has been translated in 3 languages - ALL on 2014(and the original story was created on 1965). 
The Spanish title is "La Isla Del Diablo" and JABATO did the job!!
Thanks mate...
Here is the link of La Isla Del Diablo

Hopefully,in the coming days MC work will be translated in more such languages!

    You might have remember that few months back I have translated a Mayukh Chowdhury comics based at a Californian coast - শয়তানের দ্বীপ(Saytaner Dweep) - in English,titled : The Devil's Island.
The purpose was to spread this legendary artist-cum-storytellers' creation among the millions of English speaking readers as all original MC works are in Bengali only and none of those was ever translated before in English, making MC works restricted within the Bengali readers only!

But no more!

Our one of the Brazilian bloggers Celso Nunes(aka KALL) read that MC story in English and he liked it and felt it should be spread among his native fans i.e. Portuguese readers.

So here is his own translated version of "শয়তানের দ্বীপ" in Portuguese, from the English version itself(and his photoshop work made that story even more stuning!).

The title is "A Ilha do Diabo"...
(Visit his blog and download this version)

  • Original Creator(in Bengali) : Mayukh Chowdhury
  • Translator(in English) : HojO(SP Ghosh)
  • Translator(in Portuguese) : KALL(C.Nunes)
This has been discussed at Facebook too...

While most of the Bengali readers can't read Portuguese ,we really appreciate the way he helped to spread a MC work among the readers whom nobody could imagine will read a Bengali illustrator's native creation!!

It surely IS a great day for all Mayukh fans!! :-)

Dhanyabaad Bandhu !
Thanks Friend !
Obrigado Amigo !

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekly Collection(বা 'সাপ্তাহিক তোলাবাজি'!)

 Hold your patience and don't jump the gun!! It's ALL about comic-strips..!! And from two top Bengali newspapers,ABP and Bartaman,where some of our favorite heroes' adventures are running!

 They are Mandrake, Aranyadev(aka Phantom) and Tarzan. The first two strips are in color while the last one is in original b/w form.
 And top-of-the-all,the 'current' strips are actually 20-50 years old,that is,these are reprint of old vintage strips.
 Collecting newspaper strips is a common practice among the comic-fans as that is the only way to collect strips in original format! We have seen some fans across India and outside,who have collected various old strips quite religiously! In the recent time,the only other person whom I know follows the same practice is Rustam Mukherjee.
 See some strips just have collected from the newspaper...just in the preliminary phase.
 Now, how I preserve these? Let's talk about the final look..
 Unlike many others,I do not 'paste' these strips on some A4 papers.There are two reasons.Firstly,the quality of newspaper is not at all thick, hence if some glue/gum is applied on these papers,condition reduces drastically(which I have experimented with few random strips). Secondly,keeping the strips in exactly 'original shape/form' i.e. 'as is' looks better for me and reading wise too,it's more fun as I have realized.

So I am trying to create a book-like collection per story,with details(original title/publication year etc). mentioned on the cover created by myself.

See some sample as follows :

Mandrake and Aranyadev Collection from ABP :

Tarzan Collection from BARTAMAN :
 It(strip collection from newspaper) was first planned way back on 2006,when me and my brother decided to collect the Mandrake-and-Aranyadev strips from ABP and hence we took a subscription.But soon after we lost the interest of collecting the strips as 'it' requires some regular and sincere effort but then we had very little driving force. Because the strips running back then were 'Post-Falk' stories which had very little substance,and also the art was not up-to-the standard! Bhai, however, continues reading the strips as he has ample patience but I stopped until discovered the on-line blogs/sites from where I occasionally read English version in one-go,but that's it!

 Now years after I am actually in this project,courtesy of reprint of old strips(I would not have put this much effort for the recent strips) and it's a pleasure to get dozen of *new* strips per week(6 Mandrake-cum-Aranyadev+6 Tarzan),in the printed form! And as the strip-index of each hero indicates,if they don't stop midway, 5-10 years worth are still waiting to be covered! :-)

Now why I have called this 'weekly collection'? It's because I have neither time nor patience to collect the strips on daily-basis,so I do the cutting-stuff on each sunday and collect the whole weeks' worth in one go as it saves time quite a bit!But on a second thought,I am not sure if I should call this 'তোলাবাজি' as myself paying for the whole thing...ha ha!! :o))

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

VAMPIRELLA Masters' Series Vol.6 - A Re-view Post

I was introduced with Vampirella, the vampire super-heroine, very much recently through some on-line sites. Then after some quick search on the published titles, I ordered Vol.6 (Dynamite publication) through infibeam(this site offered the lowest price,which is 813/-  for this $17.00 issue).
And just have finished the reading.
  It was like watching a movie with it's dynamic flow,vibrant background and a supernatural charm. I am quite new in this series but have no hesitation to admit that this writer-artist duo,J.ROBINSON and JOE JUSKO,did splendid job! Specially,JUSKO's art! He made this vampire woman quite beautiful,hot,charming and the same time,a savage and terrifying beastly female! 
Overall,it was a treat for the eyes plus, the mind! The best possible realistic art,the best use of color and of course the quality of pages made this book a definite pick for all serious comic/graphic novels' readers!
Vampirella was originally presented as an inhabitant of the planet DRAKULON, a world where a vampiric race lived on blood and where blood flowed in rivers. The story begins with the inhabitants of Drakulon dying slowly due to the drying up of its blood. 
The journey was about that place DRAKULON at the Hell,that river-of-blood,STYX and it's revival. As inhabitants of Drakulons i.e. vampires do survive by drinking the fresh blood from this river,which is now dead,and hence they are killing each other for survival!!

Will Adam and Vampirella accomplish their mission?? 
PS - The original vampirella stories were made in b/w,some were really praise-worthy,which can be found under the title Vampirella Archives.. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Comic #114 - LAST Mandrake Indrajal : গোপন আবিষ্কার(খন্ড 27 সংখ্যা 7 - Apr'90)

   Before going to the comic,I would (once again) like to share few words about this series,Indrajal Comics.
   After reading a quite a number of comic-publishers' out-put(both Indian and Western),I yet to find a series with so much variety in one place!Not their every effort clicked and I have my dislike-list from those 800 odd published issues,but have to agree that this series stands unique even after more than 24 years have been passed since the last issue released! And with every passing year,the interest associates with Indrajal Comics is only getting bigger and bigger,not restricted within Indian fans anymore!

 If we talk about the major heroes(cover-stories),you will find as many as 12-13 such. If we talk about the pin-up/one-off characters, mostly humor with few detective ones, there were at least 10+ of such,and then the numerous GK/informative articles those were regularly appeared in the back-pages of each issues(and let's not forget those memorable and vintage ads,although the purpose was solely commercial!)

  Then, top of the all,these were mixed of both Western and Indian flavors.

 While Phantom (Betal),Mandrake,Flash/Kirby etc represented the foreign league, Bahadur,Dara etc. represented the very Indian rooting!
  While Micky Mouse,Robinhood,Zorro etc were from Walt Disney classics, Henry/Gunodhar,Chalky,Little King etc introduced us with the western funnies,in the other hand Chimpoo,Timpa,Pasha etc were our kids!
 Same goes about those very informative and interesting articles like Ripley's believe it or not,Capree's animal world,Ancient World History to only name a few! 
  Now would request other fans to tell us if they have encountered with any other comic series throughout the world, where as much variety-of-contents were present??  Tell us if there is/was any other comic-series with so much depth and versatility?? And not to forget,all these happened for more than 25 years!
(It's a humble request to all fans as although I read several comics from different countries/continents,still there is a chance that I missed some,specially those which were not published in English!) 
Now, the comic...

  গোপন আবিষ্কার was not only the last official Mandrake issue from Indrajal Comics,but it's also the last Bengali Mandrake Comic! After ToI cancelled the series, Diamond Comics bought the right,as we know.But they published Mandrake only in English and Hindi,so Bengali fans were left out.Later on 2000,after DC cancelled these comics,Egmont(India) bought the right,published as many as 15 old Mandrake stories(from Falk-Davis era) alongwith the Phantom,but all were in English only!
  So even after more than 24 years,if one look back,he will find this issue,গোপন আবিষ্কার, dated 1-15 April 1990, as the last available Mandrake comic in Bengali - a very unfortunate truth(as I believe there are many Bengali fans who love this magician and his friends' adventures in a great extent!).
 Anyway,the story was fine,nothing great but that doesn't matter it's the last time you are reading this magicians' adventure in Bengali in a prominent book-format! This story was the extended part of the previous tale 'ষড়যন্ত্রের জাল'(খন্ড 27 সংখ্যা 4/Mar'90) and this time the fantastic duo finally reached that small university named Harrison. There they met vastly talented and seemingly funny Prof.Ghagah who invented a fantastic device which will move matters through the air without any visible means! But soon after,he was kidnapped..!!

 For the rest,read the story....

 Sometimes it happens that when you first obtain some books,you might haven't realized the importance of that issue,due to either lack of exposer or simply the fact that,we are not future-tellers!! ;-) Same thing happened with me back on 1990,when I had this issue just withing the couple of days of the release,lost on very next day,felt bad but not too bad :-), and hence decided to buy the next issue as a substitute(which was ,as you know, eventually the last Indrajal issue).

 But years later when I was re-started my hunts for Indrajals,on and from 2005,bought plenty of issues from various sellers,when Indrajal Comics used arrive in the markets in 200-300 per bundle and they showcased those openly..
 In all those years while purchasing all other issues, I failed to manage a single issue of গোপন আবিষ্কার,even a coverless one! On 2008-9 Chandan(from Goa) gave me the English version but that's it....
Finally, on 2012, I have this rather elusive issue through exchange with Swagata,and this year another issue,this time,and for the first time in 9 years, from a seller!!
 I guess all these happened as a lesson that you should immediately purchase a 2nd issue if your original copy(of any kind of book,specially magazine sort) is lost! Because you never know when that issue will vanish from market...for me,this period was lasted for only 21 years!! ;)
PS - In a 2011 blog-post(Can You ever forget your First Indrajal Comics(ইন্দ্রজাল কমিকস্)??), I have mentioned this incident,when still I was missing that issue....but soon after got this!! It's like if you desire something pretty hard,you ended up having that....isn't it?? :)