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BIJOYA Special : Comic #115 : Tarzan Daily by John Celardo(Tarzan Meets Countess Oro) in BENGALI

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 The latest on-going Tarzan daily  at the Bengali newspaper : BARTAMAN! This is a re-run series of old,vintage strips and this one(Tarzan Meets Countess Oro) is from 1965 and 147th in the order...  (The novelty of this Bengali version is that,apart from these Bartaman cutting,no other printed version of these TARZAN strips were ever published anywhere in Bengali.)

In this post,I am posting the Part-I of this strip as it's yet to be concluded. Will post the last part when it will end(scheduled at the end of this month only)..

ENJOY!!(scans of some of the strips are not at-par alignment wise,but there would be no problem reading-wise nor I had any agenda to make a print-ready copy,so..)

Now,who is ITO(ইতো)??
 The boy mentioned in this story,or on that vase to begin with, has a long history and association with Tarzan.Much like what Rex is meant for Betal/Phantom,ITO is for Tarzan.He is kind of foster-father of this lost child he rescued from a crashed plane in mid of a dense forest..
 To to know him better,I would suggest you to read this following tales - centered on ITO(as I don't have the Bengali version,so attaching the original English strips here) :

DOWNLOAD Tarzan Rescues Ito+The Storm(D133+D134 ; 1962)

Between,you can read Russ Manning's TARZAN Sundays(colored) at my other blog Bengali Treasure-Trove(BTT)'s Tarzan section.
 Now,let's discuss something related to my recent old-book hunt.On the last month, I got a very old UK based comic series book,ACTION SERIES from the '60s era,from one of the one of the old-book sellers! This particular book features Mandrake,published exactly 50 years ago,on August 1964 in the United Kingdom. 

  I was at first quite surprised by seeing this 50 years' old UK Mandrake book at Kolkata market,rather odd connection! But then, anything related to Mandrake & Phantom are like treasure for me.
  Between,that seller asked just 20 INR!! (Any other seller would charged a much higher price but somehow he didn't realize it's worth.However, one of the nearby sellers was giving expression like he  missed a good opportunity!! ;-) As On August 1964,Indrajal Comics was just a 6-month-old series,and the Bengali version was yet to introduced - enough to indicate this books' rarity and worth! )

  Back at home,my optimistic mind was hoping for more such Mandrake issues from this publisher but then the famous MandrakeWiki ends all hope as it's clearly mentioned there this was the ONLY Mandrake story published in this UK based ACTION SERIES(there,however, few other heroes were appeared,not much known to us other than Secret Agent X9(Corrigan) and Flash Gordon,though!).

 The story inside was from the 122nd daily strip titled,Master of Magic, also published in the Indrajal much later,on November 1975(Issue No.241(Eng/Hin)/No.219(Ben)).
  • Publisher : Young World Publications(UK)
  • Issue No. : 6
  • Hero Featured : Mandrake
  • Story Title : Master of Magic(D122; 1963)
  • Publication Period : August 1964
 PS - In the UK many publishers tried their hand on Mandrake and among them Miller did the best job..

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Poetries @e-Magazines(Pujabarshiki)

 Friends,as you know we have two famous e-magazine groups : "Feluda Fan Club" and "Feluda Dreamers official" - both do publish Pujabarshiki(Puja Annual) on every year as they did on this year,1421. Few weeks ago,I have sent my poetries for their consideration. Now, these two e-magazines have released on yesterday at Mahasathi,30/9/2014, and both of my poetries have been selected in their pages!
So a big thanks for the respective editorial groups. :)
In this post I will add BOTH the original links of these two Magazines(Pujabarshiki) from where you can read their "Printed-versions",as well as, My "Original Copies",which I had sent at first place. [While I am posting the original Version for easier access for all, I will always suggest you to download these magazines as there are plenty other fine write-ups/articles..Also their presentation,get-up are top-notch.]
[1] The first poetry was titled "Tumi Acho(তুমি আছো)" which has been published in 'Feluda Fan Club's Magazine "Amra o Feluda(আমরা ও ফেলুদা)" ( .You have to just join the group and download the magazine(my poetry is on page-142).

Direct DOWNLOAD Link : "Amra o Feluda"('তুমি আছো' at p-142)

"NOTE" : There are a couple of 'mistakes' like the 5th line has been repeated and it should had been 'Sada Kash' instead of 'Sada Pal' on the 8th is ok! :)
[2] The second poetry was titled "Runa,Tumi Asbe?(রুণা,তুমি আসবে?)" which has been published in  'Feluda Dreamers official's magazine "Kheror Khata(খেরোর খাতা)"( Here also you simply have to join and download the magazine(my poetry is on page-17)..

Direct DOWNLOAD Link : "Kheror Khata"('রুণা,তুমি আসবে?' at p-17)

"NOTE" : A noticeable mistake like wrong-spelling of should be "রুণা" and not 'রুনা'....Other than this,only a few minor typos like it should be 'ভেবোনা' instead of 'ভাবনা'(which has been repeated for more than twice) and few others..but these won't bother you much,hopefully!
AND FINALLY,I am adding the Original Copies of these two poetries.While I sent 'Runa,Tumi Asbe(রুণা,তুমি আসবে ?)?' in typed-version(Avro) ,I had to sent hand-written version for 'Tumi Acho(তুমি আছো)' due to time-constraint,unfortunately.

Also visit my FB Status for the same....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Devil's Island'(aka 'শয়তানের দ্বীপ') by Mayukh Chowdhury in PORTUGUESE(পর্তুগীজ)

UPDATE (31/8/2014) : Now in SPANISH!! After English and Portuguese, 'Saytaner Dweep' - the original Bengali creation by Mayukh Chawdhury, now has been translated in 3 languages - ALL on 2014(and the original story was created on 1965). 
The Spanish title is "La Isla Del Diablo" and JABATO did the job!!
Thanks mate...
Here is the link of La Isla Del Diablo

Hopefully,in the coming days MC work will be translated in more such languages!

    You might have remember that few months back I have translated a Mayukh Chowdhury comics based at a Californian coast - শয়তানের দ্বীপ(Saytaner Dweep) - in English,titled : The Devil's Island.
The purpose was to spread this legendary artist-cum-storytellers' creation among the millions of English speaking readers as all original MC works are in Bengali only and none of those was ever translated before in English, making MC works restricted within the Bengali readers only!

But no more!

Our one of the Brazilian bloggers Celso Nunes(aka KALL) read that MC story in English and he liked it and felt it should be spread among his native fans i.e. Portuguese readers.

So here is his own translated version of "শয়তানের দ্বীপ" in Portuguese, from the English version itself(and his photoshop work made that story even more stuning!).

The title is "A Ilha do Diabo"...
(Visit his blog and download this version)

  • Original Creator(in Bengali) : Mayukh Chowdhury
  • Translator(in English) : HojO(SP Ghosh)
  • Translator(in Portuguese) : KALL(C.Nunes)
This has been discussed at Facebook too...

While most of the Bengali readers can't read Portuguese ,we really appreciate the way he helped to spread a MC work among the readers whom nobody could imagine will read a Bengali illustrator's native creation!!

It surely IS a great day for all Mayukh fans!! :-)

Dhanyabaad Bandhu !
Thanks Friend !
Obrigado Amigo !

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekly Collection(বা 'সাপ্তাহিক তোলাবাজি'!)

 Hold your patience and don't jump the gun!! It's ALL about comic-strips..!! And from two top Bengali newspapers,ABP and Bartaman,where some of our favorite heroes' adventures are running!

 They are Mandrake, Aranyadev(aka Phantom) and Tarzan. The first two strips are in color while the last one is in original b/w form.
 And top-of-the-all,the 'current' strips are actually 20-50 years old,that is,these are reprint of old vintage strips.
 Collecting newspaper strips is a common practice among the comic-fans as that is the only way to collect strips in original format! We have seen some fans across India and outside,who have collected various old strips quite religiously! In the recent time,the only other person whom I know follows the same practice is Rustam Mukherjee.
 See some strips just have collected from the newspaper...just in the preliminary phase.
 Now, how I preserve these? Let's talk about the final look..
 Unlike many others,I do not 'paste' these strips on some A4 papers.There are two reasons.Firstly,the quality of newspaper is not at all thick, hence if some glue/gum is applied on these papers,condition reduces drastically(which I have experimented with few random strips). Secondly,keeping the strips in exactly 'original shape/form' i.e. 'as is' looks better for me and reading wise too,it's more fun as I have realized.

So I am trying to create a book-like collection per story,with details(original title/publication year etc). mentioned on the cover created by myself.

See some sample as follows :

Mandrake and Aranyadev Collection from ABP :

Tarzan Collection from BARTAMAN :
 It(strip collection from newspaper) was first planned way back on 2006,when me and my brother decided to collect the Mandrake-and-Aranyadev strips from ABP and hence we took a subscription.But soon after we lost the interest of collecting the strips as 'it' requires some regular and sincere effort but then we had very little driving force. Because the strips running back then were 'Post-Falk' stories which had very little substance,and also the art was not up-to-the standard! Bhai, however, continues reading the strips as he has ample patience but I stopped until discovered the on-line blogs/sites from where I occasionally read English version in one-go,but that's it!

 Now years after I am actually in this project,courtesy of reprint of old strips(I would not have put this much effort for the recent strips) and it's a pleasure to get dozen of *new* strips per week(6 Mandrake-cum-Aranyadev+6 Tarzan),in the printed form! And as the strip-index of each hero indicates,if they don't stop midway, 5-10 years worth are still waiting to be covered! :-)

Now why I have called this 'weekly collection'? It's because I have neither time nor patience to collect the strips on daily-basis,so I do the cutting-stuff on each sunday and collect the whole weeks' worth in one go as it saves time quite a bit!But on a second thought,I am not sure if I should call this 'তোলাবাজি' as myself paying for the whole thing...ha ha!! :o))