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Comic #122 : Inca-der Rahasyamay Swarno-Uddan(The Garden of the Inca) - A Mandrake Sunday-strip in BENGALI(Translated)

Update(23/3/2015) : 

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The Garden of the Inca was originally published in the early '70s newspapers,when Indrajal Comics was very much in the business. But for some unknown reason,Times of India skipped this in their comic-magazine and hence it was missed by all Indian fans incld. the Bengali readers...

 So here it is in Bengali,translated from the original English version(colored strips are courtesy of Magnus).

 This time I have tried bit different thing with the fonts.Actually, have used my own hand-written fonts for this entire comic-strip,much like what we have seen in the old comic-books.This was probably not done before in the blogs, so I thought this would be better.
 Personally,I can take both as was introduced/grew-up with both types almost parallelly,but the vintage hand-written one has some different charm,the reason why I did this...!(I have experimented with different inks for the lettering but as it turned out finally that only black and blue inks are most suitable after the scanning,so I have used only these two inks in the whole run.)
  • Original Strip title : The Garden of the Inca 
  • Original Strip number : S115
  • Bengali title : Inca-der Rahasyamay Swarno-Uddan
  • Original run : 11-28-1971 to 02-13-1972
  • Creators: Falk(script) & Fredricks(illustration)
  • Translator : HojO

Post Script :

 @All visitors and fellow blogger friends :  After almost 8 years been in the blogging,I have finally decided to call it a day! That is,this post is going to be my last post as a blogger and that incld. my other two blogs aswell(the comic-cum-literature blog exclusively in Bengali : Bengali Treasure-Trove(BTT) and the social-blog where I have been quite irregular anyway : fly by.. ).

 While there will be no new posts in these blogs,I will keep them open so visitors,specially the newer ones, can access the long archives..
 Overall it was an eventful journey in these 95 months with 202 posts(at this blog) and 255 posts(in total,incld. some mirrors) which I have enjoyed quite a bit,and that was due to some quality visitors and bloggers with whom over the years I have shared quite friendly relation at blogs/mail/chat/fb and with some, personally as well! (While there will be no new post @blogs,I will active in FB,specially at this group : Indrajal Collectors' Club(ICC) and will post time to time!)

 Once again,many THANKS for your regular visits and the in-depth comments that motivated me to continue blogging this far amidst all the problems...

Take Care and GOOD BYE! :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Comic #120-121 : Kalankito Chora from Ranjan's Classics & A Story from 1996 Betty & Veronica SPECTACULAR

1980's was a period when a number of Bengali comic-series were introduced with the reader,majorly translated version of Western comics,and few were local creation! Majority of the series were promising but short-lived,and one of those was Ranjan's Classics. I have only 3 of this series(No.1,2 & 3) so have no idea about how many issues were released before the cancellation!
 Anyway,'Kalankito Chora' is a decent read supported by quality art, was translated by Sriavi Ashoke, but there is no mention of the original artist and script-writer.

 Other than Ranjan's Comics, some other notable Bengali comic-series I have came across from '80s are as follows(there were parallel Eng version of some of these series as well) :
  • Viswa Sahitya Chitrakatha
  • Avik Chitrakatha
  • Super Comics
  • War Comics
  • Viswa Sahitya Comics 
  • Chitrakalpo Katha (I don't have this series,have only an ad page but much similar with VSC)
  • Chandmama Comic & Classics
  • Chitrarath Comics (they tried to copy Indrajal's format-of-presentation but the quality of the art was pretty substandard)
  • Tin-murtir Avijan
  • Tinkle
  • Golden comic
  • Modern Chitrakatha
  • Hasir Comics
  • 3D Comics 
 There were few more but I don't have comics from these series right now..

Posting few selected covers from each of the above-mentioned series :

Next is from a completely different genre. A space-travel story  - Virtual Unreality from the Betty & Veronica SPECTACULAR series,published on Apr'96(No.18).As expected you will get a fun-filled adventure which any Archie fan will enjoy for sure....

Friday, December 5, 2014

200th Post : Comic #118-119 : Tarzan Dailies by John Celardo : Tarzan Meets Countess Oro[Part-II] in BENGALI & Chinese Plot(Original)

UPDATE : For all : You can visit the "Indrajal FORUM" , originally created on Nov'10,where many old topics and posts are there to read for the new-comers,plus you can join there,and after that,post according to your liking of topics/stories etc.
After become a member,you can post your own topics or comment on others' topics - both! The recent topic was on a Rip Kirby strips(under the section of NEWSPAPER STRIPS) .
The latest on-going Tarzan daily at the Bengali newspaper : BARTAMAN, ends on 22.10.2014. This was a re-run of an old,vintage daily Tarzan Meets Countess Oro from 1965.

 Now as the story approaches to the conclusion,you will find how Countess Oro will reunite with ITO(ইটো) - her son,lost 5 years ago thru a tragedy! When Rex,the foster-child of Betal, learnt his origin,he had to go back to his ancestral place,Baronkhan, leaving Deepwoods & Castle-in-Air. But here Countess Oro herself left her place to join with her only son at the Wasiri National Park,the new home of ITO since he regained his sense...and as indicates,she will spent her rst of the life there.
 Of course,she finds a very special friend in Peter Crisp,the commissioner of that park! :-) Overall, a fine ending of a tragic tale...

I have already posted the Part-I and here is the remaining part...

 A strange thing happened when the publisher have omitted the next strip - Chinese Plot - in this reprint-series and started off from the later story(The Castle in the Jungle/D149). Same happened in the English version as well,as you can see that after strip #8030,the next strip was #8115, published on 22.10.14 and 23.10.14,respectively(while Chinese Plot ran between #8031-8114).

 One of the possible reasons of this omission was the 'nature' of the story.A fabulous plot,fine art but a major racist angle was used where Chinese people shown quite in poor light.It has been shown how a Chinese woman(an invader) killed her English husband etc..So this controversial story has been omitted from this reprint series.
But then we can always read the 'original' strips,not at best quality,but the only way.
 I thought it will be unfair for crazy fans of John Celardo's Tarzan if they miss this one! So here it is...

 By the way,this is the 200th post of this blog,on it's 8th year. It took bit more than seven-and-half years to complete this landmark,in an average two posts per month...not bad,eh?? ;o) It was not possible unless there were some enthusiastic fellow bloggers and some quality visitors who regularly kept visiting this blog,and hence thanks to all of them!! :-)

 In my blogging period I have observed many blogs,the variety of posts,scans etc but frequency-wise there are majorly two groups.The most common ones are fall in the category of magazine-like frequency i.e. there is a certain average gap between two posts,that may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly!Few are even slower,varied from tri-monthly to half-yearly.The common part is, most of these bloggers usually serve long and detail posts,with many information alongwith the download link of books/comics etc. Visitors search these posts and keep coming back even years after the original posting.
 And then, there is a 2nd kind(very few): newspaper-type! Like newspapers do arrive daily-basis,their posts do get published at the blogs almost daily-basis! :-) They are usually bit on hurry,and while few of them can produce nice write-ups amidst those fast posting,almost all hardly write much!Anyway,I can take both kind...

Sometimes,in my free-time I do visit the years' old posts of many of my old blogger-friends(TCP/ICC/CW/PBC/Mandrake-blog etc) or relatively newer ones(MS-blog/Rafiqs' etc) and my own blogs' archive aswell.The years old posts,the detail/in-depth comments from the various visitors, all serve a very good moment and help to relieve the old days!

And I guess many visitors do the same,ain't?? :-)
Finally,spot the difference between these two strips ;-) :

Monday, December 1, 2014

Comic #117 : A RIP KIRBY Adventure : The Hunt for Cinderella(RK-115) from late '70s

 One of the vintage and rare RIP KIRBY dailies from the period of '70s. Recently I have received many a rare RK dailies from a friend,who sent me those links as a friendly gesture,but obviously for personal use only. So while I wouldn't post those links at this blog,I am doing this just as an exception.
This story - The Hunt for Cinderella - was appeared in Bengali in one of the teen-mag's Puja-annual(Anandamela 1981),and as history suggest,this is the only Goyenda Rip adventure that ever published in that magazine and overall,in Bengali,outside the indrajal universe!

So it's quite special and while I yet to read the Bengali version,have enjoyed this original English  version and hopefully,you will feel same way!(I have already shared this strip at a Anandamela related FB group,but as not many visitors follow those groups,here it is for all)
The first page of the Bengali version :

Original strip-version(the first two dates were skipped in Anandamela) :

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blackers of Indrajal - START BEGGING!!

 In this post,you will find why these "elite-class frauds" are getting so much profit,because most of failed to identify them as sellers and hence they are doing hell lot of "help" towards genuine lovers by selling comics at absurdly high price,AND AT THE SAME TIME, pretending as a true lover of comics/books/literature in general!! :-)
Since last 5-7 years I have had heard many fans high-pricy affair regarding Indrajal...that is,they have paid very hefty amount to the sellers(actually,black-marketers) for some rare Indrajal...
Some have paid @300/- for #200-299 range of Indrajal,some paid 2-3000/issue for below #100....and then stories of 5-10000 for the #1 are common!!
Personally,I don't like these kind of price....yes,I understand these are rare and myself is pretty crazy about these books,but avoided those sellers just to not let myself fooled by them!!
I have some ~750 single Ijc(plus 100++ different language versions of same issue) but never have paid more than 50/- per issue except only one,the Marathi version of No.1 Bengali Indrajal(Scarlet Sorceress/Jan'66),for which I paid 100/-  although I am still buying Indrajals.This is possible because amidst all these blackers,there are some good sellers who will ask price which is high,BUT NEVER absurd!
Honestly,Indrajal is my PASSION,but for them a way of why allow them to emotionally black-mail you??
Then there are majorly 2 types of 'BLACKERS' is direct,they don't hide that they are doing business....but then 2nd kind,the most dangerous and double-standard one...they pose as "true lover of Indrajal",will brag about their liking of many stories(even do blogging,posted scans etc) BUT underneath they are greedy frauds who will sell @very very high price,much more than what actual seller will ask you!!THEY COLLECT Indrajal FOR SOLE PURPOSE of SELLING but will NEVER ADMIT that!!
I would like to say that,we should avoid such persons,specially the 2nd kind,for our own benefit....In Bengali,we call these type of frauds as "Bhodrobeshi Jocchor"....


JUST Beware of these FRAUDS(there are many known one....incld. few bloggers as well AND a so-called lovers.The common and most infamous one is from Delhi.And another one is from my own city,Kolkata,some Mr.Paul,who has befriended with many 'idiot' collectors and have cheated them!! He used to ask @2000/issue at the QUICKER - the book-selling site.Later I have exposed him and since then,I NEVER have seen him in blog-world! But these are like weeds,who won't die so easily..someone whose family earning is below 20K/month, has been so much bewitched by him that agreed to pay 4-5K if this fraud will help him to get #1 Bengali Indrajal!!!JUST IMAGINE...these frauds don't have little conscience too!!)

Share this bring more awareness.....otherwise there is NO FUTURE for the true collectors.I am lucky enough to have completed ~90% of my required Indrajals(Bengali and English) amidst all these madness but many are not so for ALL,share within your circle.

The new facebook-group,Indrajal Collectors' Club(ICC) has been updated aswell...