Friday, August 23, 2013

Comic #107 : Indrajal Comics(Mandrake) - Ashohaye Sikar(খন্ড 25 সংখ্যা 7 ) AND the Introduction of Timpa!

 Among very few of his adventures Mandrake,the legendary magician, couldn't solve the mystery at the end and was completely puzzled....and so were we,the readers!!
 This was one of those on!!
So many questions were poped-up after I had finished the reading..I yet to understand few thing like :
  • From where these tinnies(khude manoosh) were came from?
  • How they knew Narda?
  • Was there any previous linking?
I don't know why Falk had suddenly created such a mysterious tale - nice to read but rather confusing! So read the tale to get confused!! :o))
 Now let's talk about the other features of this Indrajal.In this issue a new character was introduced who wasn't the cover-hero but his presence in the back-pages of Indrajal issues(in the '88 & '89;Vol.25 & Vol.26 issues) meant a lot for us,the Indrajal readers!He was Timpa - the kid detective!
 His funny yet adventurous tales were a regular thing in that period.Between,who can forget his gradpa(dadu)?? :)) The fun was always double whenever I found a new Indrajal Comic that has a Timpa story in the back pages!!
 Did you liked this series,friends??

Thursday, August 15, 2013


 Today we are celebrating our 67th Independence day!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Comic #106 - Marathi Indrajal No.23(January 1966)

 I was going to post a Bengali Ijc but due to some recent development,I am posting a Marathi Ijc - first-time in this blog - the version of  The Scarlet Sorceress,issue No.23.Did you ever expected a Marathi Ijc in this blog?? Least likely,ain't??
 But the fact is,from this issue the series of Bengali Indrajal was started off,way back on & from Jan 1966 till the series lasted,upto April 1990, and in between published as many as 780 issues for Bengali readers those were filled with thrill,joy and nostalgia!!So I thought it would be a nice one...

 Between the title of this issue probably is 'Char Hatachi Chetkin'(is it?? please any Marathi reader come forward and correct me if it's wrong!!I tried from my little knowledge of Marathi.Also,what is the meaning???
Update(23/8/2013): As par the on-line dictionary,the title in English would be "Four-Handed Sorceress".)
As I don't have Bengali #1 (nor I think will get very soon) so I was pretty eager to have this issue and exchanged for some English copies with one of the old visitors of our Indrajal blogs and an avid Indrajal collector,Chandan Talwedkar from Goa.Well,I can read only a little bit of Marathi so reading wise it's like 'দুধের স্বাদ ঘোলে মেটানো' but I did this exchange for purely nostalgia purpose!! :)
 I hope you won't mind to see a Marathi version of the most special Indrajal for all Bengali Indrajal fans! More than the issue,it's the date that is special for us...

[A little trivia on how Indrajal Comics were introduced in the various languages prior the Bengali version, which was introduced on the 3rd year of Ijc,on Jan'66, and was 6th in the line....:
(I)Only Eng,Hindi & Marathi versions were introduced from the very beginning i.e. from #1(Mar'64).So the first 10 issues were published only in these 3 languages.
(II)Gujrathi & Tamil versions were introduced on the next year(Jan'65) i.e. #11 in the original series was  #1 in these 2 languages and hence this issue(#23:Scarlet Sorceress) was actually #13 in Gujrathi & Tamil..]

PS - I did not edit this issue at all,unlike what I usually do with my scans,because it's quite old - over 47 years - and special issue of it's own right and hence need no hiding from it's current state. Also I wonder how many fans will actually manage to read this,a Marathi comic!! ;o)