Saturday, November 16, 2013


UPDATE(21/1/2014) : Let's introduce two NEW blogs for vintage Bengali books and comics,where you will find some more treasures!
First,let's introduce Boi Collector - a blog just old more than one-year - filled with some really rare stuff!! You will get there Pujabarshiki, Upanyash,Short stories and Comics!
And one of the comics posted there was COMPLETE Shadashib(সদাশিব) series published in Anandamela!! Earlier,we don't had a complete set of illustrated version of this Saradindu Bandopadhay created cult series,drawn by famous Bimal Das,which is now available in this blog(Boi Collector) in 3 parts as follows: 
[For details,visit our joint-blog : Bengali Treasure-Trove(BTT)]
[The credit goes to original uploader(s) who preserved and shared such a vintage and great comics with us....]

So just visit this amazing blog and download the stuff and while doing this you should post a thanking note for this unknown poster as he truly deserves it! :-)

Now the 2nd blog : Indrajal Comics in Bengali(ICB) - probably a blog by BT members and finally they are posting Indrajal Comics for public view!! I truly support this effort and you should as well.....
 The clarity of scan is fine,quite neat,only a bit less cleaning i.e. keeping the original paper-color of the Indrajal bit more would be preferable! But otherwise,they did a very decent scanning...


Was a pre-teen kid when saw him for the first-time, playing as a very promising young-star, against South Africa on '92 followed by England series on early '93(and was truly impressed by his 165 knock) and since then journey continued....till this date 16th NOVEMBER 2013...covering almost 21 long years of several fantastic moments!!

So just wanted to say....THANK YOUGOOD BYE!!

Post Script - Now we know the ultimate milestone is set - something that no one can cross - and that is Test(ed) Runs of 15,921 (Miles) !! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Indrajal Collectors' Club (ICC)

 A facebook page has been created for the collectors of Indrajal Comics (link:
 In that place you can share your story i.e. how many issues(hard copies) you have collected,since how long you are in this hunt,and of course in which language(s) you prefer to read!!

 For easier understanding,we have created 3 major collectors' groups - those are further splitted in 7 sub-groups -  based on the number of hard-copy collections as follows(See the POLL as well):
  • [A1] Super Elite++   : 780+(780-803)
  • [A2] Super Elite+      : 750+(750-779)
  • [A3] Super Elite         : 700+(700-749)
  • [B1] Elite+                 : 600+(600-699)
  • [B2] Elite                    : 500+(500-599)
  • [C1] Plate+                : 300+(300-499)
  • [C2] Plate                   : 300- (001-299)
[Note : The highest-level(ES++) is important for Bengali Ijc collectors solely 'cos that's the magic-number of total published Bengali issues.. :)]
 As you can see,the person with at least 1 physical copy  of Indrajal Comics in his/her collection,can join and discuss their views at Indrajal Collectors' Club(ICC).