Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Subho Nabo Barsho Post: Comic #42:Mandrake Sunday:Sports of The Magician(S161;1989)

Hello again friends! Wishing you all SUBHO NABO BARSHO,the new year in Bengali(& Hindu) calender,which starts from today,dated 1st Boishak(1416)!! It's a Bengali festival! :))

On this occasion,enjoy a special Mandrake Sunday:The Sports of Magician(S161) which's infact the 1st Sunday strip of MTM from Post-Indrajal era i.e. 6th Part of famous KRAKEN series.The earlier one,part #5(Singing rocks) ,was the last MTM-Sunday appeared in Ijc(V26 N36)! So,while this is a Italian strip,but at least we get the Missing ones in some form!! Hopefully Bala will publish it's English version sooner than later.
And this has been contributed by Peder ...thank you man!:)))
NOTE:I've just edited the strip in order to fit in page-format(from original strip-format!)


Download S161

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Comic #41:Mandrake Daily:The Employment Agency(D096;1958)

Hello to ALL VISITORS!! after a long time,eh?? :)
Enjoy this strip,which is related to a weird EMPLOYMENT AGENCY!!
It's a FASCINATING THRILLER,WHICH IS ONE OF THE BEST SCRIPTS from great FALK(I will love your tremendous creations in my whole life!! THANK YOU SIR!! :)))))