Friday, December 5, 2014

200th Post : Comic #118-119 : Tarzan Dailies by John Celardo : Tarzan Meets Countess Oro[Part-II] in BENGALI & Chinese Plot(Original)

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The latest on-going Tarzan daily at the Bengali newspaper : BARTAMAN, ends on 22.10.2014. This was a re-run of an old,vintage daily Tarzan Meets Countess Oro from 1965.

 Now as the story approaches to the conclusion,you will find how Countess Oro will reunite with ITO(ইটো) - her son,lost 5 years ago thru a tragedy! When Rex,the foster-child of Betal, learnt his origin,he had to go back to his ancestral place,Baronkhan, leaving Deepwoods & Castle-in-Air. But here Countess Oro herself left her place to join with her only son at the Wasiri National Park,the new home of ITO since he regained his sense...and as indicates,she will spent her rst of the life there.
 Of course,she finds a very special friend in Peter Crisp,the commissioner of that park! :-) Overall, a fine ending of a tragic tale...

I have already posted the Part-I and here is the remaining part...

 A strange thing happened when the publisher have omitted the next strip - Chinese Plot - in this reprint-series and started off from the later story(The Castle in the Jungle/D149). Same happened in the English version as well,as you can see that after strip #8030,the next strip was #8115, published on 22.10.14 and 23.10.14,respectively(while Chinese Plot ran between #8031-8114).

 One of the possible reasons of this omission was the 'nature' of the story.A fabulous plot,fine art but a major racist angle was used where Chinese people shown quite in poor light.It has been shown how a Chinese woman(an invader) killed her English husband etc..So this controversial story has been omitted from this reprint series.
But then we can always read the 'original' strips,not at best quality,but the only way.
 I thought it will be unfair for crazy fans of John Celardo's Tarzan if they miss this one! So here it is...

 By the way,this is the 200th post of this blog,on it's 8th year. It took bit more than seven-and-half years to complete this landmark,in an average two posts per month...not bad,eh?? ;o) It was not possible unless there were some enthusiastic fellow bloggers and some quality visitors who regularly kept visiting this blog,and hence thanks to all of them!! :-)

 In my blogging period I have observed many blogs,the variety of posts,scans etc but frequency-wise there are majorly two groups.The most common ones are fall in the category of magazine-like frequency i.e. there is a certain average gap between two posts,that may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly!Few are even slower,varied from tri-monthly to half-yearly.The common part is, most of these bloggers usually serve long and detail posts,with many information alongwith the download link of books/comics etc. Visitors search these posts and keep coming back even years after the original posting.
 And then, there is a 2nd kind(very few): newspaper-type! Like newspapers do arrive daily-basis,their posts do get published at the blogs almost daily-basis! :-) They are usually bit on hurry,and while few of them can produce nice write-ups amidst those fast posting,almost all hardly write much!Anyway,I can take both kind...

Sometimes,in my free-time I do visit the years' old posts of many of my old blogger-friends(TCP/ICC/CW/PBC/Mandrake-blog etc) or relatively newer ones(MS-blog/Rafiqs' etc) and my own blogs' archive aswell.The years old posts,the detail/in-depth comments from the various visitors, all serve a very good moment and help to relieve the old days!

And I guess many visitors do the same,ain't?? :-)
Finally,spot the difference between these two strips ;-) :

Monday, December 1, 2014

Comic #117 : A RIP KIRBY Adventure : The Hunt for Cinderella(RK-115) from late '70s

 One of the vintage and rare RIP KIRBY dailies from the period of '70s. Recently I have received many a rare RK dailies from a friend,who sent me those links as a friendly gesture,but obviously for personal use only. So while I wouldn't post those links at this blog,I am doing this just as an exception.
This story - The Hunt for Cinderella - was appeared in Bengali in one of the teen-mag's Puja-annual(Anandamela 1981),and as history suggest,this is the only Goyenda Rip adventure that ever published in that magazine and overall,in Bengali,outside the indrajal universe!

So it's quite special and while I yet to read the Bengali version,have enjoyed this original English  version and hopefully,you will feel same way!(I have already shared this strip at a Anandamela related FB group,but as not many visitors follow those groups,here it is for all)
The first page of the Bengali version :

Original strip-version(the first two dates were skipped in Anandamela) :