Monday, December 1, 2014

Comic #117 : A RIP KIRBY Adventure : The Hunt for Cinderella(RK-115) from late '70s

 One of the vintage and rare RIP KIRBY dailies from the period of '70s. Recently I have received many a rare RK dailies from a friend,who sent me those links as a friendly gesture,but obviously for personal use only. So while I wouldn't post those links at this blog,I am doing this just as an exception.
This story - The Hunt for Cinderella - was appeared in Bengali in one of the teen-mag's Puja-annual(Anandamela 1981),and as history suggest,this is the only Goyenda Rip adventure that ever published in that magazine and overall,in Bengali,outside the indrajal universe!

So it's quite special and while I yet to read the Bengali version,have enjoyed this original English  version and hopefully,you will feel same way!(I have already shared this strip at a Anandamela related FB group,but as not many visitors follow those groups,here it is for all)
The first page of the Bengali version :

Original strip-version(the first two dates were skipped in Anandamela) :


Ranjan Gangopadhyay said...

thanks a lot for the rip kirby

HojO said...

I had to share this!thanks for coming!
But I am more eagerly looking for the AM version..
By the way,I wonder if anybody has any RK strips from ABP?? The whole 3 decades they continued 'Goyenda rip' in their pages but no archive has been traced yet(except that sole strip posted by Nil)