Friday, March 28, 2008

Comic #24:Phantom Daily:Hzzz(D128;1975)

Sorry friends for this long time-gap,was quite busy!Anyway,here's the continuation part of that thrilling Cavelands mystery...Hzz(D128)!!

Now,lets talk about something hatke n also very interesting finding! ;-) Recently ,when we were discussing on quality/speciality of various Phantom artists in our Phantom Phorum ,one Phan said ,we've set those artists at a legendary standard who had/have illustrated beautiful/appealing pics of Diana/other female characters in Phantom strips & for the rest ,we marked 'em as if ordinary!His point was,we should stress on overall art n NOT only how those females were illustrated....yes,it's very much true,but later,what I'd's ONLY those artists who'd delivered beautiful females(in strips),also have illustrated our masked hero:the Phantom in a better manner!!!

Starting from the beginning,Moore , the pioneer Phantom-illustrator,introduced Phans wid one beautiful/charming lady in his very first strip,way back in 1936 & she was Diana Palmar(D001:Singh Brotherhood)!!...also his Phantom was MOST mysterious among all era!!Later,McCoy took the charge,,,but his Diana or Phantom(in fact the whole art) was NOT that appealing as Moore!Then,it was Barry who gave GWW a complete make-over....his each n every illustration was brilliant...n it's needless to say,his Diana was a charming/hot babe wid that brave/masculine Phantom...ain't?? :o)

Till now we'd discussed those illustrators of Falk-Phantom...if we look at those Non-Falk Phantomet stories,there also we can see the best artist was Felmang & incidentally his Diana was the best (among many others)!!!! :-)

Here I displaying some Felmang's personal drawing(courtesy PF) wid my own 'collection' of some beautiful moments of Diana (I've edited/cropped some selected panels from the original Falk-Barry strips) fact,I've more,but for now have these few.... ;-)



Now, enjoy this strip ...

Download the Daily

Sunday, March 16, 2008

SUNDAY Release: Comic#23:Mandrake Sunday:The Space Pack(S114 ;1971)

New Update(18/3/2008): Download links of the BOTH Strip & Indrajal versionsof Space Pack have been provided. Please note,the Indrajal(#179) having this Mandrake story as a side-story with one Phantom.Thanks to Prabhat's esnips folder ,one can easily find this Ijc there.. :-)
UPDATE:Thanks to Colin,I realised in this strip,3 pages are missing!!Now,I having a scan of the Indrajal version of this Space pack(Ijc #179),,in which missing pages are intact!!
So,I've selected those pages & as the 'missing' portions are some what 'shared' in multiple Indrajal pages,thus I have edited those pages to make the 'missing' part(of this strip) in a lesser number (of pages)!!
As a result,3 more pages (the 4th,8th & 11th) have been added to this 12-page strip in order to 'complete' the story!!!
have FUN!! :-))

Another colored (& unedited!) Mandrake Sunday on Sunday !!Another central galactic adventure where our planet:Earth faced a dreaded encounter wid some weird space demons:The space Pack!!!!

Mandrake in action with the officials of Magnon(the emperor of C-G)...a 'MUST READ' adventure for all Man-Fans!!!! :-))

For sake of info ,it had been published in a Phantom Ijc(Third Phantom; #179 ;1973) as a side story...
HAVE FUN..... between,I've edited/re paneled this strip which was bit hazy .....
By the way,for a change,read the complete Sunday on-line......

Download 'Original Strip' Version
Download 'Indrajal' Version(as a side story)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Comic #22:Phantom Daily:The CaveLands - STORY of Hzzz!!(D126 ;1975)

UPDATE: D/L link of this strip(D126) has been provided...enjoy this tale & let me know if this one is exciting enough,,,,and if yes,then I may publish it's Part-II(D128:Hzzz) in due time!!

After seeing visitors enthusiasm for the Blackie story(already 71 downloads),I thought why NOT publish the most thrilling adventures associated wid Eden's members!!

Yes! I'm talking about the Phantom's one-of-the-most-thrilling adventures(wid his then fiancee Diana, in 1975) solve the mystery of dreaded cavelands of Denkali(or Bangala!) .....which was eventually the motherland of our Hzz....... it's a 1975-daily:D126:The Cavelands!!
I can say with some certainty,if you've 'liked' that Blackie strip,will be thrilled with this adventure,for sure!!,for beginning,have some special glimpses ...later I'll provide the d/l link! ;-))
P.S.- This tale I first read(n was instantly thrilled) way back in 1991,when some friend of mine had gifted me this strip's Indrajal Comics 'version'(The Cave of Evil ;Vol.25 No.24) which was earlier published in Ijc as The Cave Monster(#252).....
Since then around 17 years have been passed,still it's my one of the closest Indrajals ever!!!! :-))

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Comic #21:Phantom Daily: Blackie(D176;1992)

UPDATE:D/L link has been provided....enjoy!! :-)
Another B/W vintage Phantom strip after a long time! In his 63-year long legendary career ,Lee Falk several times penned adventures associated wid animals .And in most of those exciting tales,one thing was common,every lost/lone & rare piece of creatures were brought to Phantom's fascinating isle:EDEN....which is separated from jungle by rive filled wid deadly fish Piranha & from the ocean by sharp coral reefs !!

In this way,Baldy the gorilla, who was once saved by Phantom as a lonely buster, later brought to Eden!Similar things happened with Fuzy,Strips,Hzz & Stegy...specially the finding these two extincted creatures,,,Hzz the cave monster n Stegy the dinosaur are master-pieces!! :-))
Anyway,this time a panther buster,Blackie, was in this line to be a member of Eden!! But,there's a twist...& that makes this strip special ...wid the touching moments in the ending.....that once again proved how great was our Falk!!!! :o))

This is a Sheril's contribution & a Post-Indrajal strip(D176; 1992)....

some special moments....

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Required: Diamond Mandrake Titles!

It's well known fact that,Diamond Comics(India) had published ~90 Mandrake Digests containing only Falk's Daily strips(and NO Sundays) between 1960 -1993 & in an all most unedited version!

Now, when I went through my collection it has appeared that some Mandrake stories were published in parts(without any mention) n thus one can't read the complete story unless having the concluding parts! Also,there's NO Mandrake title lists(published in DC) are available,my question is,does anybody have a complete/incomplete list of Mandrake strips published in DC(wid the #s in which part-II had published)??

All though most strips published in DC Mandrake( D107 -D214;excluding a few strips) had appeared in Indrajal Comics(D113,D123- D202 & S101, S111 -S160) earlier,it wud be great help if someone can provide one! :-)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hip hip hurrreeeeeeeee!!!!! :D

ohh yeah.........Finally we managed to beat ugly Aussies in their OWN ground n in front of those uglier Aussie supporters!!! :-)))

This is a huge victory overseas ,specially as after long 23-year we won another ODI series in Australia! And that too by straight 2-0 victory in the finals!! :D
Well done Team India!!! And congrats Dhoni for leading the team well!! I've no qualms to confess,I dislike some of his impulsive decisions/attitudes(like criticising seniors publicly bit too much etc) ,but finally he managed to lead the Team India to a MEMORABLE victory with this relatively younger side(all though except Rohit & Praveen,other youngs either flopped or didn't got any chance!). So,kudos to you ,MSD! Keep it up.... :-)

Even though every players contributed to this victory,in batting, again it was lead by the old gold Sachin(399 runs in this CB series) with seasoned players like Gambhir(440 runs ) & Dhoni(total 347) ...but bowling department is looking MORE complete wid new guns like today's MOM Praveen(4/46) ,Ishant followed by seniors like Bhajji(great going Panji!!) who contributed immensely!!
Between,Sachin was really out-of-form before the last Lanka match,but he backed with a bang and it's he whose batting gave India a decent total to fight on(in fact he was highest scorer in the LAST 3 matches...with 63,117* n 91 today)!

Only concerns are ,I guess,Virendra Shewag & Yuvraj's inconsistent batting & Utthapa,who was the biggest flop in this tri-series! :-/

Any how,no doubt it's a great victory & a great day of Indian cricket!! :D