Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Required: Diamond Mandrake Titles!

It's well known fact that,Diamond Comics(India) had published ~90 Mandrake Digests containing only Falk's Daily strips(and NO Sundays) between 1960 -1993 & in an all most unedited version!

Now, when I went through my collection it has appeared that some Mandrake stories were published in parts(without any mention) n thus one can't read the complete story unless having the concluding parts! Also,there's NO Mandrake title lists(published in DC) are available ....so,my question is,does anybody have a complete/incomplete list of Mandrake strips published in DC(wid the #s in which part-II had published)??

All though most strips published in DC Mandrake( D107 -D214;excluding a few strips) had appeared in Indrajal Comics(D113,D123- D202 & S101, S111 -S160) earlier,it wud be great help if someone can provide one! :-)


adibud34 said...

Sagnik, I remember reading some of those Diamond Mandrakes - some of their comics sucked...the last page/panel would be just written words....they wouldn't even present any pictures/artwork there. So, I don't know why they did so.
BTW - why do you have word verification now? It makes it very hard to post any comments.

The Clay Camel said...

Only have a few info about Diamond Comics:

# 6
no given title, md-162 (dwi-159 The Search for the Cobra)
no given title, md-195 (dwi-185 The Cloud)
no given title, md-199 (dwi-189 Island of the Mad Count)

# 10
no given title, md-173 (dwi-169 The Cooler)
no given title, md-201 (dwi-191 Lothar's Walk)

# 12 (Hindi)
no given title, md-218 (dwi-208 The Terrorists)
no given title, md-220 (dwi-210 The Mirror Mystery)

# 13 Hindi
no given title, md-219 (dwi-209 Dr Loqo's Secret Formula)

# 14 Hindi
no given title, md-121 (dwi-120 Smuggler's Luck)
no given title, md-205 (dwi-195 Return of the Tinies)

# 18 - # 20 [ This may be wrong !]
no given title, md-227 (dwi-217 The Secret Place)

# 53
and the Horror of Cobra, md-162 (dwi-159 The Search for the Cobra)
and the Mysterious Clouds, md-195 (dwi-185 The Cloud)
and the Horrible Test, md-199 (dwi-189 Island of the Mad Count)

# 58
no given title, md-172 (dwi-168 8)
no given title, md-209 (dwi-199 The Woods)

# 59
no given title, md-218 (dwi-208 The Terrorists)
no given title, md-220 (dwi-220 Pursuit of the Cobra)

# 64
The Return of Evil, [md-135 (dwi-133 The Return of Evil - The Cobra)]

# 68
And the Butterfly Men, md-125 (dwi-124 The Butterfly Man)
And a Mysterios Devil, md-132 (dwi-130 The Witches)
And Count Diabolo, md-132 (dwi-130 The Witches)

# 70 Hindi
no given title, md-125 (dwi-124 The Butterfly Man)

# Have not any number on cover
The Disturber, md-124 (dwi-123 The Disturber)

# I do not know the number
Battle of Xanadu, [md-141 (dwi-139 Battle of Xanadu)]

# Not a Mandrake comic book, an other serie ! Hindi
no given title, md-197 (dwi-187 Behind Death's Door)
no given title, md-204 (dwi-194 Aleena and the Smugglers)

dArA said...


Yes,DC treated Mandrake comics very poorly,allthough their consecutive posts carried the last parts...but DC Mandrake really sucks in front of Ijc!! :-)

And abt WV ,actually of late I received some bad spams ,so it's heer.....may b soon I'll remove it!

dArA said...


WOW Man!!! U done a fab job...even we didn't have this much info as collectn lacking in DC Mnadrale!

These info certaily going to help...only thing's I guess, that series of #18 -20 is D211(The Book of Criminals) as DC probably published only upto 1992 n D217 is frm 1994-95!! ...am not sure though!

Btwn,I've few more info...so wid your such vast n detailed one,we can make a rough list of DC Mandrake & will look for rest too!!

Thnx again ...Keep coming.. :-))

dArA said...

Following to Peder's list,the rest frm my knowledge is like:('md' refers to Peder's fabulous site :XANADU!)

DC #1 / #84 :The Team (md-128/dwi-127 ), Wall Walker (md-210 /dwi-200 ) & Madam Sir-See (md-211 /dwi-201 )

DC #3 :The UFO (md-133 /dwi-131) ,Narda and the Sheik (md-168/dwi- 164) & The Invisible Thief (md-194/dwi-184)

DC #4: The Sign of 8 (md-131 /dwi- 129) & Mu (md-174 /dwi- 170)

DC #5: The Thief (md-108 /dwi- 107) ...abt the rest stories ...I donno!

DC #8: The Clairvoyants (md- 208/dwi- 198) & Deadman's Key (md-206/ dwi- 196)

Unknown # : The gift from 8 (md-213 /dwi- 203)

Many DCs are yet to confirm....so if anybody having any more info ,plz come forward n help!! it'll enrich the DC-Mandrake Index