Thursday, July 26, 2012

Comic #91 : A Compilation of Nonte-Phonte Comic-strips

 Friends,here you can enjoy a compilation of 4 different comic-strips of famous Nonte-Phonte,created by our one and only NARAYAN DEBNATH! These stories were(and still are) tremendously popular in the '80s onwards!Moreover,who can forget their arch enemy - Keltuda??? :))

                                               DOWNLOAD Nonte-Phonte

 As you know Mr.Debnath had created several other famous fun-series like Batul the great,Bahadur Beral(The Brave Cat),Danpite Khadu(Naughty Khadu) as well as several adventure stories.But his very first creation was Handa-Bhonda(Stupid & Idiot) in 1962 i.e. exactly 50 years ago!On this golden jubilee occasion a local newspaper dedicated the cover-story of their sunday-magazine on Handa-Bhonda & Debnath's creations in general.That was a nice write-up indeed filled with so many unknow trivia & a brief interview of this great creator.
 Also,this issue has the rare very first 1-page strip of Handa-Bhonda.You will be amazed to find out how their looks were changed/modified with the time! :o)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Comic # 90 : Indrajal Comics (Bengali) :Vol.26 No.23(Flash Gordon) - Syecchachari Shasyak (স্বেচ্ছাচারী শাসক)

UPDATE(24/7): I'm going to scan these following Bengali Indrajals in the coming weeks,so Bengali bloggers please avoid these if you have in your plan:

No.170/সংখ্যা ১৭০ - Gandhagurur Rahasya(Mandrake)
No.245/সংখ্যা ২৪৫ - Lal Eter Bari(Bahadur)
A new Bengali Indrajal with a very special adventure of Flash Gordon!!
 The adventure is based on the very first meeting of our famous trio - Flash,Dale & DR.Jarkov!! Well,the the set-up wasn't any normal or friendly,as Flash & Dale were kind of  'kidnappned' by Dr.Jarkov to join his unknown & dreaded mission!!

Our friends arrived on planet Mongo...not a safe place at all... 
...specifically when ruled by a ruthless tyrant - Ming the merciless!!
Introduction of Aura - Ming's beautiful daughter & her love interest - prince Barin!
 Finally,story ends(in Indrajal) with our friends are together once again and searching for some way to return their planet!!
 [NOTE:This adventure was originally from the daily D2-135: The Origin of Flash Gordon (8/22/86 to 6/6/87) and in the Ijc, we got only a part of the whole story(upto 4/24/87). May be,if FG's strips weren't cancelled soon after this issue,the concluding part,and rest of the 5-part origin saga,would had been published in Indrajal...anyway,today there is no point of such 'what-if 's!]

Wednesday, July 18, 2012