Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic #32:Mandrake Sunday:Isle of Flowers & Death(S163:KRAKEN:Part 8;1990)

Continuing from my LAST POST on this fascinating(& my MOST favorite) Mandrake's adventure,which's eventually the longest ran strip-adventure(1986 -1990) of these amazing magician wid ALL rest members were
there ,which was eventually result in an unforgettable voyage!!
As we all know,also mentioned in that post,we missed all last four parts(Part:6 to Part:9) of this KRAREN-SERIES due to sudden cancellation of Indrajal & all though later DC released a good numbers of Non-Ijc Mandrake-strips,but they published ONLY Dailies & these were from Sunday strips!! :-((
'Nway,making things short,I have Part:6 & 7 allthough in colored Spanish version only,AND GOOD NEWS IS I've the English version of Part:8(Isle of Flowers & Death) ,a b/w scan of amazing strip which of 'cos scanned from Jal #3,sent to me by Sheril months ago,who'd edited these pages brilliantly from what originally scanned by our beloved friend Balaji Shastri (as Original scan was bit untidy & in a bad shaped!) !!!Balaji should be credited at first place & I'm sorry for NOT mentioned his name earlier(as I'd posted Sheril's version so went to mention his name only,but...)!

AND,FOR A CHANGE,here's the FULL 12-page strip for on-line readers,instead of usual glimpse!! ;-)))) SO,have a blast,,,all credit goes to Sheril only!! ENJOY!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comic #31:Mandrake Daily:The Wolf Valley(D044;August 1947)

ANOTHER FASCINATING TALE from the Vintage era of '40s,,, I guess this is among those Mandrake Strip-scans which are yet to appear on-line(in any form)!!


I guess visitors will be surprised to see this another quick release,,but matter of fact,I got some free time(& rite mood for posting!!) in this week,so thought WHY NOT PUBLISH AS MANY AS POSSIBLE??

You may see few MORE within few days!! :-)))BETWEEN,WHAT A MYSTERIOUS Adventure man!!! Mandrake & Co. went through this dreaded valley of wolf where Narda was kidnapped!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO HER??? READ ON!!

HAVE SOME GLIMPSES first,,,d/l LINK of full story is coming soon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic #30: Mandrake Daily:Mandrake In Hollywood(D011; 1938)

A VINTAGE MANDRAKE DAILY FROM late '30s when "Falk-Davis" combo was @it's BEST!!!!

I PERSONALLY LOVED THIS TALE(& Most of those tales from these periods!!),,,AND HOPE YOU ALL WILL LOVE THIS TOO!!! :-))

CHEERS!!! (here are FEW Selected pages from this strip,included Mandrake's few TAKES(& Re-TAKES!) with his "own" TRICKS!!)