Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comic #20:Phantom Strip(Colored) :The Hanta Witch(D091)

For a change,have this special Phantom strip which appeared in India only as Diamond Digest#11 (as again due to some controversial scripting,ToI preferred to omit it in Indrajal!).

Now,there's a very "interesting" incident associated wid this colored strip .When I received it from Andreas months ago,I was carrying this notion that this fabulous coloring was done by Sy Barry himself,as without a professional,such quality(which you'll see soon) is nearly unattainable!!

So,during mailing,I once told 'some' friend about this amazing coloring n sent him the d/l link! I thought 'he' would be amazed...but holla,he replied back as "well,this strip was definitely not inked by Barry,in fact it was done by ME few years back."!!!
ohh...I was shocked like a hell...I asked whether he just jokin' but no..he was not & when I asked Andreas about it ...he confirmed,it was originally a B/W Daily(as usual) and indeed inked by this man:Ivan Pederson of Norway!!!All thanks for his such a talented show-case! :o))

WOW!!! I simply loved this coloring....he also done inking in some others strips which I'll put in future asap!!(Wid this quality,one will simply label the DC coloring as rubbish!!..what a pity,DC used pretty poor & 'art-destroying' coloring in BOTH Phantom & Mandrake strips!!!! :-(( )
Now,lets enjoy his creation wid the thrilling script of Falk & supported by equally brilliant art-work of Barry ..between,it's a 1965 Phantom Daily!

This is a 45-page strip.Have a look in some these amazing inking ....more to come! :-)

Download D091(colored)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Comic #19:Mandrake Strip: The Hidden College Of Magic(S113)

UPDATE:The notorious Sky Band(of Moore's era) has been returned in the...current Mandrake strip:The Unknown Island & most exciting part is Narda has been mixed wid Sala -the infamous leader of that Sky Band with whom Phantom had quite a tough time!!!;-)
So,don't miss this exciting thrillers.....
Hello friends,Have a nice 3-in-1 Mandrake treat here for this week-end!First,I've added the link of our famous Mandrake Forum, where we,the crazy fans of this Magician discuss various aspects of his adventures! So,do visit!

Then,I added the on-line link of current Mandrake Daily strips(courtesy Aman King).Thus,one can read the on-going thrillers(at present,it's the D255:Unknown Island).Also,I've added the link of our MTM!:-)

Now,for more fun,have a nice Mandrake strip S113:The Hidden College Of Magic(1971).Again,the speciality of this vintage Falk-Sunday is,it was NEVER appeared in Indrajal Comics(somehow ovelooked by ToI )!

So, have a ROCKING WEEK END!!:-)

Before d/l,have some glimpses......

Download Mandrake S113

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The NEXT BEST thing to a LIVE Thriller....

....remember this famous caption of Indrajal Comics in the late '80s??(though it was applicable rightly from the beginning!!!isn't it friends??

Being an ardent Indrajal fan,I've cherished every bit of these 'long lost' gems.Thus,it's NOT only the original 'comic-pages' but those ads/other stuffs do matter a lot! In short,each & every "Indrajal Pages" are priceless gems for us! :)

From the last few days,I was just curious how many "Indrajal-pages" were published in TOTAL(incld.those Covers/Ads/Features etc besides the original comics ) in those 803 issues!
So I'd looked in this matter more seriously & matter of fact,after bit research I delighted to learn the exact 'figure'.

Now,while the first 28 issues(Ijc No.1 -No.28) were contained 28 pages each.Then Indrajals were published in conventional & most familiar 32-page format (except few 'bumper' issues in between,like No.49,272,278 etc) which ran for more than 23 years(Ijc No.29 -No.788/Vol.26 No.32) and it covers 757 issues(out of total 803).Then on August 1989,i.e. just before 8-9 months of cancellation their series,ToI briefly converted Indrajal Comics in a 36-pager(Vol.26 No.33/No.789 - V27 No.8/No.805) & this includes last 17 issues!

So,numerically the TOTAL 'Indrajal Pages' = 25,800+(covering total 803 issues) .

Personally,I don't prefer to collect books/comics just for the sake of collection(i.e. not intend to read actually).That's the reason why I'd rejected most of the times those B-graded Buz/Garth/Nomad/Corrigan etc with crappy Charlton/King-Phantom/King-Mandrake/King-Flash which covers ~200 Indrajals!Well,I'd collected some of these but never liked!
Anyway,things have been changed quite a lot in the last few months & nowadays I'm looking for any Indrajals which are missing(irrespective of titles/heroes) from my collection(physical) or even those I've as cover-less,i.e. missing those 4-page front/back covers!
I would like to check those 'other' stuffs like various ads & Henry(aka Gunodhar)/Chimpoo/Babua etc cartoons & of course Timpa's adventure series or that funny Magician Pasha & that Agent003(comic-Bond). Then,there are many various informative-yet-mind blowing Features like Riplies or Capries(contains 'amazing & unique infos' on animals from various parts of the world with funny displays in each of it's 45 episodes) or World's tale(valuable infos on 'Jurassic periods' was also and many more which are no less important/nostalgic for us...
Now coming to an another topic,do our Indrajals Lovers have noticed that the headers of 'Indrajal Comics' were changed for as much as four times!
Here's some display of covers in which headers were changed with times.After the glorious introduction in 1964,the first change was happened in 1967 .

Then in 1983, Indrajal converted in typical Vol.No. category from the individual No.s so also header converted in a pretty larger size! The last change was happened in 1989 when Ijc briefly returned in a fortnightly schedule from it's 7-year-long weekly pattern!

Finally,the price! I still remember,even that price-tag(it was at the bottom side of cover,earlier in a box & later in a circular or simply in an open-format) itself make me nostalgic,since I'd re-started my 'Ijc-hunt' few years back! In the glorious ~27-year-run,Indrajal-fans experienced a pretty cheap price(compare to 'other' comic-publications) which started with 0.6/- (in 1964) & finished at 6.0/- (in 1990) per copy!wow.. even those ordinary Diamond Comics were relatively higher rated!! :)


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Live International Criket! :-)

Hi Friends,
A new Live Criket Score-card has been added for viewrs!Thus,from now onwards,in this blog-space(n also in my other blog:fly by....) you can be updated wid current feed-backs of ALL current International(i.e. NOT only India's matches) crikets !!:))


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Comic #17 & #18:Mandrake Strips: Lothar's Walk in the Park(S120) & The Mystery of Inter-Intel(S121)

UPDATE: The d/l link of the Last Falk-Daily of Mandarke:The Secret Mission(D231) has been re-uploaded!So those who tried to d/l that strip in last few weeks & failed may visit the post again at Comic #1.
With these releases,it would be four Phantom/Mandrake comics within last 3 days!!'s like I'm spending my current free-times 'perfectly',rite friends?? ;o) As it's expected that in this month my work-load will be far lesser(than it was in last few months),so you may see more releases shortly!Well,from March ,again I'll back to my ol' routine!:-) Now,enjoy a couple of fascinating colored Mandrake-strips courtesy my friend Sheril....AND MORE TO COME!!
Between these two 1973 strips :S120(Lothar's Walk in the Park) & S121(The Mystery of Inter-Intel) were published in Ijc as 'The Incredible Thief(No.246)' under a single title!But that Ijc version is hugely edited & cropped too.So,I thought it would be better to read the Original Colored Strip format!! :-))
Have some 'glimpses' ....

Download Mandrake S120
Download Mandrake S121

Monday, February 11, 2008

Comic #16 :Phantom Indrajal:The Cruel Conspiracy(Ijc #136)

Today is our Subha Saraswati Puja & on this occasion enjoy another treat of old Vetaal-Indrajal! So,enjoy a couple of back-2-back vintage('70s)Phantom-adventures in this blog-space!!:-)))
It's a 'special' tale & those Phans who wished to learn more about the early days of Rex-the present prince of Baronkhan,would LOVE it!!Personally,when I'd read it on-paper,just loved it(also I'm fond of those tales associated wid Rex).
As the title shows,it's about a ghastly conspiracy regarding the origin of Rex - which was unknow then(in 1971)!

Moreover,there are some Phantom tales,which are as great as some novels(concept/script-wise)!!! But then,all knows,Falk was as great as some world-famous novelists,only if he'd invested some energies in MORE novels(only 4/5 I guess,besides some play-script). But then,we are NOT complaining,he gave us immese treasures of two amazing SUPER HEROES: Phantom & Mandrake & that too for some 6/7 decades!!!
ohh great.... :-))

Well,enjoy this tale.... thanks again to the A/V duo...
Btwn,I'm provoding d/l links in 2 parts!
Here is some touching moments..... :-)

Download #136(Part-I)
Download #136 (Part-II)

Comic #15:Phantom:The Lost City of Pheenix(D115)

After a few Indrajals,it's now time for a vintage Phantom strip!
As the title shows,it's 115th Phantom Daily & ran way back in 1971-72.

This particular strip was published in IJC twice,once as 'Return of the Golden Comet'(No.173; 1973) & later re-published as 'The Cursed City' (Vol.24 No.44; 1987).

After read the BOTH format,I loved this strip in B/W(unedited) version more(over the colored Ijc-format! ),due to it's spooky effect !!


here's few glimpses.......

DOWNLOAD Phantom D115

Monday, February 4, 2008

Comic #14:Flash Gordon Indrajal:The Robot Family(Ijc #177)

UPDATE: d/l link has been provided....sorry for the delay.Between,another comic is coming soon! :-)
Allthough this Flash Indrajal was not among the 'toppers' of viewer's choice,I'm posting it because this particular tale has a touching emotional tone,besides the inherent 'sci-fi' characteristic in the adventures of this Galactic hero, which touched me deeply ....hope visitors will feel same ! :)
Fact is,our most Indrajal fans aren't that close to Flash-adventures like they do for Phantom,Mandrake or Bahadur.Also the fact that,there are currently only a few Flash-ijcs are available on net,don't help either (to make his stories more available)! :-/

I guess,ToI couldn't make much profit from Flash-ijcs lately & as a result they had suddenly stopped publishing solely Flash-strips from mid '80s.Thus,after the 'The Vindictive War Deity(Vol.23 No.28 ;1986) ' there was a long gap(of more than 2 years) before we could again see a solely Flash-Ijc :'The Lost Continent(Vol.25 No.46 ;1988)'! Well,there were few Flash-strips published in between as inside stories with Phantoms,but that's it!

However,the positive part was, after that 're-apperence', we have seen as much as 7 Flash-Indrajals & let me tell me,ALL were 'special' and very different from 'usual' adventures of this galactic hero(like against Ming etc)!
Starting with that 'Lost Continent' or it's continuing part,'The deadly queen Mesala(Vol.25 No.51)' followed by prince Barin's mysterious origin(Vol.26 N0.4) - a fascinating tale,that re-telling-origin saga('The Scheming Despot' - Vol.26 No.23) of how-they-met(originally from '30s) or the LAST Flash in Indrajal,'The Deadly Intrigue(Vol.26 No.32)'[and the 1st Flash I brought, in 1989! ;o) ],where Flash & his friends had to face a deadly/scary situation in the Korobu - a planet ruled by women only.All of these were just out-and-out thrillers!
Now.....let's read this fascinating one!It's another A/V scan!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Comic #13: Mandrake Indrajal: The Criminal Team(Ijc #128)

According to the Poll result,here's the most wanted Indrajal: Mandrake's The Criminal Team(No.128 ;1971).
It's an out-n-out thriller & a A/V contribution.
ENJOY! :-)

Download the Indrajal