Friday, February 22, 2008

Comic #19:Mandrake Strip: The Hidden College Of Magic(S113)

UPDATE:The notorious Sky Band(of Moore's era) has been returned in the...current Mandrake strip:The Unknown Island & most exciting part is Narda has been mixed wid Sala -the infamous leader of that Sky Band with whom Phantom had quite a tough time!!!;-)
So,don't miss this exciting thrillers.....
Hello friends,Have a nice 3-in-1 Mandrake treat here for this week-end!First,I've added the link of our famous Mandrake Forum, where we,the crazy fans of this Magician discuss various aspects of his adventures! So,do visit!

Then,I added the on-line link of current Mandrake Daily strips(courtesy Aman King).Thus,one can read the on-going thrillers(at present,it's the D255:Unknown Island).Also,I've added the link of our MTM!:-)

Now,for more fun,have a nice Mandrake strip S113:The Hidden College Of Magic(1971).Again,the speciality of this vintage Falk-Sunday is,it was NEVER appeared in Indrajal Comics(somehow ovelooked by ToI )!

So, have a ROCKING WEEK END!!:-)

Before d/l,have some glimpses......

Download Mandrake S113

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