Monday, February 4, 2008

Comic #14:Flash Gordon Indrajal:The Robot Family(Ijc #177)

UPDATE: d/l link has been provided....sorry for the delay.Between,another comic is coming soon! :-)
Allthough this Flash Indrajal was not among the 'toppers' of viewer's choice,I'm posting it because this particular tale has a touching emotional tone,besides the inherent 'sci-fi' characteristic in the adventures of this Galactic hero, which touched me deeply ....hope visitors will feel same ! :)
Fact is,our most Indrajal fans aren't that close to Flash-adventures like they do for Phantom,Mandrake or Bahadur.Also the fact that,there are currently only a few Flash-ijcs are available on net,don't help either (to make his stories more available)! :-/

I guess,ToI couldn't make much profit from Flash-ijcs lately & as a result they had suddenly stopped publishing solely Flash-strips from mid '80s.Thus,after the 'The Vindictive War Deity(Vol.23 No.28 ;1986) ' there was a long gap(of more than 2 years) before we could again see a solely Flash-Ijc :'The Lost Continent(Vol.25 No.46 ;1988)'! Well,there were few Flash-strips published in between as inside stories with Phantoms,but that's it!

However,the positive part was, after that 're-apperence', we have seen as much as 7 Flash-Indrajals & let me tell me,ALL were 'special' and very different from 'usual' adventures of this galactic hero(like against Ming etc)!
Starting with that 'Lost Continent' or it's continuing part,'The deadly queen Mesala(Vol.25 No.51)' followed by prince Barin's mysterious origin(Vol.26 N0.4) - a fascinating tale,that re-telling-origin saga('The Scheming Despot' - Vol.26 No.23) of how-they-met(originally from '30s) or the LAST Flash in Indrajal,'The Deadly Intrigue(Vol.26 No.32)'[and the 1st Flash I brought, in 1989! ;o) ],where Flash & his friends had to face a deadly/scary situation in the Korobu - a planet ruled by women only.All of these were just out-and-out thrillers!
Now.....let's read this fascinating one!It's another A/V scan!


Chatur Cheeta said...

Thanks for this comics.

I wonder if any one of you have the Flash Gordon issue in whch there was time travel to Egypt with Willie and his mental powers ??

adibud34 said...

Hey, would be so cool if we were the lone men on a planet ruled by women, eh! ;) Sadly, that might not be the best existence. Check this video out by Travis called "Flowers in the Window" - it's really cool!

I will try and read the Flash comic online now. It promises to be good! Thanks for posting it! Say, do you have the English version of that last Bahadur?

dArA said...

#CC: Thnx!
I know which one you talking abt,when Flash visited another planet Klet(a 6-time heavier than Earth!),ain't???

#adi: Sorry to differ,I don think I'l prefer to spend my times wid women only....that wud b irritating!!!!....they r demanding creatures(sorry,just what I felt),so only wid them is boring....SPECIALLY if they r the RULER....ohh,sucks!!! ;((

Rather,it wud b best,if I'M the only RULER of a planet filled wid MANY beauties!! ;o))

Btwn,this Robot Family is a real nice one...evrybody shud read it...pretty busy now,will provide d/l link soon!

No......I've onlt the Bengali version!looking for te eng.. :)

I've collected many P/M in both Bengali/eng (& even hindi),but was looking for Bahadur/Dara/ACKs etc in Bengali only(as an Indian creation)....however,I've changed my decision and collected/will collect in english too!!


Chatur Cheeta said...

Sorry Dara its not "The Death Chant at Klet" which has already been posted in one of the blogs.

By the way may I have your e-mail ID.
Mine is

Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks for the Flash, Sagnik. Sorry for commenting so late I think I was the first to write a comment. In a hurry I typed my password wrong. So it was not uploaded. All this while I was under the impression I had commented!
This is a nice flash comic. Like everyone else I am not crazy about Flash but now and then there is a good story. There used to one stopy in which the way a Robot is made is explained. I remember when I was in 4th or 5th std. I used to brag to my classmates after reading this that I knew how to make a robot!! stupid me! Wonder which Flash was that.

Thanks again.

Grouchy's Comics said...

I forgot! Download link please :)

Indrajal Comics Club said...

nice post, everybody wants PMB, even while exchanging they ask only PMB,
recently i had exchanged with somebody, i agreed to give him @ 40 comics because he gave me his "valuable" "Single" copies, but he simply refused to take other than PMB.. so i had to give him "only" 29..!!!!

i think the story, pattu was talking about is robot invaders.. not sure

Suman said...

Hi friend, where is the download link ? Also, plz be more careful for scaning, it should be better.

Avinash said...

Dear Friends,

This is great blog. I have been an Indrajal fan since childhood. I am looking for the Flash Gordon issue in which he is transported to Mars and is trained by the ancient beings of Mars in their skills like swimming underwater,surviving poison pellets etc. This is a issue close to my heart and am trying to track it down.
Any help will be much appreciated.

U can email me at

Michael6330 said...

Hi !

Great work ! I'm a french fan of Flash Gordon and I find Indrajal very interesting, ‘cos they contain lots of stories that doesn’t exist in French (and are also difficult to find in English !).

I'm looking for a listing of the # of issues where you can find Flash Godon stories as a SECOND part of the comic (I have already the #s where it is the MAIN story). Are you able to help me please ? (or anyone who read this message)

I'm also looking for many issues with Flash Gordon, if you have some to sell, please contact me at

If you are interested by Flash, I have scanned (and cleaned on photoshop) most of French stories, and I’m starting with US and Indrajal versions. I’ll be happy to share them. I also have a very important listing of stories published in France, US, UK, Spain… If you are interested !

I’ve got the following Indrajal # : 217 232 308 232 308 347 354 372 384 393 403 405-406 424 434 443 Vol 20 : 12-13 16 25 30 40 Vol 21 : 03 13 32 51 Vol 22 : 09 12 21 33 35 Vol 23 : 25 35-37 Vol 25 : 51 Vol 26 : 04


Michael6330 said...
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Michael6330 said...
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dArA said...

Michael6330 :
Sorry for late reply!
Yes,I'M too a gr8 fan of Flash Gordon - the hero of galaxy!!

There r 50+ Ijcs where Flash appered as Cover-hero & some 10 Stroies appeared as 2nd Hero(covering 20-25 Ijcs)!!I've THEM ALL,BUT NOT ALL IN English,but I'll try 2 find out those in English titles!Need some time though!! :-)

Michael6330 said...

Hi Dara, thanx for your message, I'm waiting for your precious informations !!!
Most of all I'm looking for the # of the issues with Gordon as a second part story (even if you have it in indi !).
If you give me your email, I can send you my list of Indrajal Gordon stories with names and dates of the original US comics... I think that will interest you, and help you to give me the informations I havn't got !
I have a projet to scan all Flash stories I've found, if you're interested, I'll give you a copy...
my direct mail :