Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mac Raboy's Flash Gordon Sunday Collection (1948-67)

 It's a 4-volume series,each with 4-5 years worth of Mac Raboy's unedited b/w Flash Gordon sunday strips from 1948 to 1967.Yesterday I bought the 3rd volume('58-'62) through the on-line homeshop site( and have to admit that,this is a very nice compilation of old sundays!
 The sundays were ranged from S033("On the Doom Comet") upto S105("The Moon Launcher").

PS - Allthough is another good source of these books,but the price there is way too high compare to the are 996 & 789,respectively,for the 3rd volume!!). 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Comic #76 : Speedy(S175) - A Rare Mandrake Sunday from '90s!

First of all,a belated happy new year to all of our visitors! In the first post of this year,let's enjoy this 'rare' MTM sunday strip from '90s! Now,why I'm calling a '90s strips - which is much newer than those '50s/'60s classic - a rare??Because,for some strange reason,MTM sundays & dailies from '90s are much tough to locate than those '60s or earlier!!A possible reason I guess,as lesser number of papers were carrying MTM strips in that period,as well as,hardly any publisher printed these strips made these much lesser accessible to fans!Even Frew opt for '30s classics in their short-stint with Mandrake in the '90s!But that is my guess only,may be there are other valid reasons as well.

Anyway,this time read the 3rd last official Falk sunday - Speedy(S175) - courtesy our extensive collector & avid fan Magnus & Dan.As you will notice,this 33-week strip have 3 different formats,as attached below(square,normal rectangle & vertical),that only indicates how difficult it was for Magnus to get a complete 6-week strip from various sources!