Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mac Raboy's Flash Gordon Sunday Collection (1948-67)

 It's a 4-volume series,each with 4-5 years worth of Mac Raboy's unedited b/w Flash Gordon sunday strips from 1948 to 1967.Yesterday I bought the 3rd volume('58-'62) through the on-line homeshop site( and have to admit that,this is a very nice compilation of old sundays!
 The sundays were ranged from S033("On the Doom Comet") upto S105("The Moon Launcher").

PS - Allthough is another good source of these books,but the price there is way too high compare to the are 996 & 789,respectively,for the 3rd volume!!). 


3d said...

homeshopee is good site.

PBC said...

A very good hunt. Congratulations!

HojO said...

@3d:yes,they are.Earlier,I used rely heavily on flipkart and they have better stock tham homeshop,but the prices are always in higher order,compare to the latter.

@Prabhat:Yep,thanks!I even thought to buy AR's all sunday strips' collection those in colored but price is too high.Might be ended up buying 1/2 volumes though.

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