Friday, March 25, 2011

Return of the Original Chokers' ... thankfully!

Not much to say,not anything new either,still let's have some cricket-blabbering!
Finally, it has been proved  that we should "admire" the spirited performance by the original title holder of "BIGGEST CHOKER", Team South Africa(famously known as Pro-Tears!),who'd just a fortnight back handed over their unique crown to the Team India ,has regained THE TOP SPOT today against the Newzelanders  in the 3rd Quarter-Final of the ongoing ICC WORLD CUP.And while we are yet to see who will lift the Cup on 2nd April,one thing is sure that this "unique crown" will be retained by the Pro-tears for a looong time.
Meantime,it seems like Team Indiawho "won" this (in)famous crown on the 12th of this month, yesterday has been recovered(to some extent!) from the jinx but then the complete recovery(read winning the WC) IS still a long-way to go!!
As one of my close friends & a fellow cricket-addict was pondering over yesterday night,"Will it ever happen??",only thing I'd told him that "buddy,you have asked me a million rupees question but I'm NOT keeping my my fingers crossed,as yet"!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Comic #55 : Mandrake Sunday: S138(Mandrake and Ali-Petro)

Another fun-filled MTM Sundays from late '70s appeared in Indrajal Comics as 'Curse of Gold'(Eng #340) & 'Sorner Ovishaap'(Ben #318).Now,if fans read the Ijc version,they will see an European rich man(Count Ali-Petro) while in the original strip,he was an Arabian sheik(Sheik Ali-Petro)!!! So this is another case of strange censorship,and while the reason was undoubtedly political ,but hey,things are not so simple!! Because this 'Curse of gold' published in the Dec,1979 while just after 3-4 years,another comic(based on another Arabian sheik) was published in the Indrajal's Aug,1983 issue,titled 'The Avaricious Prince' (V20 N32; S148 - Prince Nasdaq) where that sheik was more nasty,yet NO censorship was done either on his costume or name!! Well,as you know,sometimes ToI's treatments with strips were  very strange!

Now,enjoy this strip & have some glimpses on some pages of the Indrajal's version..
About this story,personally,I loved that part of the "Midas touch" and the final quote from Mandrake:"gold can't buy everything..sometimes,not even water"!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


WC 2011 Gr.B Match:

Team INDIA(296)
       South Africa(300/7)

[Contents of this post has been withdrawn due to this special reason! ] ;o))

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Comic #53 & 54 : Russ Manning's TARZAN Sunday Strips(S020 & S021)

Friends,before going to our today's special post,I want tell you something that's from the recent incident happened while we discussing over "seller-fan" controversy.NO,I'm NOT again going to discuss as that already has been done through mailing and we all have shared our own views over it BUT in mean-time doing so,I'd to face some nuisance from one person ,Mr.Abhisick Asthana(I'm coming with his First Name!) who was repeatedly sending me "junk mails" filled with his absurd & nonsense abuses in his own pathetic & weird language(or e-mailing?) . At first I was shocked to see such illiterate punk like Mr.AsthaNa who repeatedly sending me rubbish mails and hence I'd to warn him and put his "id" in the SPAM folder(some amazing option to get rid of some junks!!)
Now,let's enjoy a couple of vintage Tarzan sundays by the finest of the all Tarzan artists,Russ Manning! In my childhood,I used to read the Tarzan b/w dailies in one Bengali newspaper,Bartaman,and enjoyed only those stories by Manning(well,then I'd no idea about him or any other artists,but vividly remembered the stories read then and later recapitulated from the scans available on-line).
While I've read the dailies much earlier, introduced with the colorful sundays only couple of years ago and these strips made me a much superior fan of this ape-man!! Loved every bit of these strips which are,in both illustration & scripting wise,simply zenith(between,Manning strips were based on the "original" concept/scripts by ERB).
By the way,the first 19 strips are already available on-line through this post of the PBC blog and you can see the complete Strip-Index of Tarzan Sundailies by Manning in this post of the Forum.

Now enjoy the following sundays:

Download RM-S020(Return to Opar)

Download RM-S021(White Settlers)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Comic #52 : Mandrake Sunday :S129(The Man from Europa)

A new vintage sunday strip for all which deals with a crazy but very sweet alien called "Mr.Heavy".This is one of the most entertaining '70s MTM sunday adventures which ToI had omitted in the Indrajal Comics.Mandrake & Lothar met this alien in their way to Harison university,after dealing with those plane hijackers(Ijc #277).
Enjoy this sunday courtesy of Dan. And there are many more to come which I hope all "FANS" will enjoy by reading(and might be, "SELLERS" will enjoy by selling DVDs of these rare strips besides their regular selling item: hard/scanned copies of Indrajal! ;o) ).

Download S129