Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Comic #52 : Mandrake Sunday :S129(The Man from Europa)

A new vintage sunday strip for all which deals with a crazy but very sweet alien called "Mr.Heavy".This is one of the most entertaining '70s MTM sunday adventures which ToI had omitted in the Indrajal Comics.Mandrake & Lothar met this alien in their way to Harison university,after dealing with those plane hijackers(Ijc #277).
Enjoy this sunday courtesy of Dan. And there are many more to come which I hope all "FANS" will enjoy by reading(and might be, "SELLERS" will enjoy by selling DVDs of these rare strips besides their regular selling item: hard/scanned copies of Indrajal! ;o) ).

Download S129


Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Thanks for a nice post. Please keep posting.

PBC said...

Thanks for missing strip!

Waiting for next one. :)

Hojo said...

@Bala:Thanks..many more to come,so keep coming! AND MAKE SURE you read this one as pretty funny story, I would say :)(wonder why never published in Indrajal??)

Hojo said...

@PBC:Ur wait will be over soon,in the next morning infact,BUT with not strips of MTM but another different hero...ANY guess??AND NO,not Phantom!! :)
One clue:That will be a continuation of a much earlier post,appeared in another blog!Gave very prominent clue,so you should pick,or wait for another morning! :)

Charukesi said...

Hi! I am a freelance writer and am writing a piece on Indian comics. I would like a couple of highres images of Indrajal covers - is it possible for you to share them? thanks!

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Thanks for this strip.

Hojo said...

@Charu: Welcome in this blog-space!!nice to hear your topics as being a die-hard comic-fan,I always love any topic related on the comics,specially INDIAN COMICS!! :)

There's a mega blog of Indrajal where you'll get plenty of images:

Hopefully,you'll let us know once finish your article!!

And if you needed any help/suggestion regarding Indian/Indrajal comics,can mail me at :