Sunday, February 27, 2011

BENGALI Phantom Sunday-Strip Pages(Batch 2)

Enjoy some more of the old unedited Aranayadev aka Phantom sunday pages from the Desh magazine of '80s,and this time starting with the colored sundays! If we compare with the Indrajal's inking with these pages,of course they fell short,and moreover,these are in original format with all of the 8 panels(per sunday) while Indrajal versions were always edited to fit in their restricted page-format!
In this batch,following sundays have been attached:
Indrajal Sundays( #2):
  • S122 - Alexander's Diamond Cup
  • S124 - The Forest Giants
  • S125 - Phantom Head Peak
  • S126 - Sunken Treasure
  • S130 - The Irrondi and the Great Ones


PBC said...

Sadly IJC had edited versions. The newspaper strips are really good sources for reading complete stories. I understood value of strips 4-5 years ago only. Keep it up!

Hojo said...

Same true for me! Before discovering the e-copies of Indrajal on 2007,I'd NO IDEA about strips(yes,I do read newspaper 'version' but never really cared or had proper knowledge!) AND ONLY THING I used to crazily looking for was INDRAJAL COMICS!!Now,after 4 years,I'm so much IN the strips that,Ijc somewhat takes the back-seat!!
Someday will write about my experince with strips in detail!! :)

About your query,as you can see,these are BENGALI strips and like all regional languages,these strips are quite unearth stuffs!! I got full story only of 8-10 I'm missing many pages BUT I'll try to get them in future!!