Friday, February 25, 2011

BENGALI Phantom Sunday-Strip Pages(Batch 1)

Continuing from the previous post on the Bengali version Phantom's original Sunday pages,from now onwards,I'll keep posting several strip pages published in those two magazines,Desh & Anandamela.
As majority of the Indian Phans are primarily Indrajal fans,so let's split these strips in the three following categories(according to their publication history):
  • Indrajal Sundays(upto S133)
  • Post-Indrajal Falk Sundays(S134 - S150)
  • Post-Falk Sundays(S151 onwards)
Indrajal Sundays(#1):
Enjoy some of the old unedited b/w sunday pages published way back in '80s and '90s.I've kept the original scans(books are 15-25 years old).More will be added in the upcoming posts,and from the next one,all strips will be colored! :-)
Strips from the following Sundays have been covered in this post....

  • S060 - Treasure of the Skull Cave
  • S066 - Mystery of Wamba Falls Inn
  • S087 - The Massacre
  • S115 - Kit and the Little People
  • S119 - The Eastern Dark

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