Saturday, November 6, 2010

FORUM Updates: NEW URL of Indrajal Forum & requirement of Re-registration

Hello all,

Due to some server/technical problems,on the 3rd Novermber we've to move our Forum to another new url:
So from now onwards,please use this url only to visit the forum(between,old board has been disabled to avoid confusion).Due to this technical problem,there were some posts we couldn't move to the new forum and hence,unfortunately,got deleted...but most are successfully moved,only original post-date has been updated to the current date,for obvious reason. :-)
AND ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING IS old members(i.e. already registered users @the old board) have to Re-register in this new Forum,as we are using a new web-address!! Sorry for this inconvenience,but hope you will understand & cooperate! :-)
Now,you can use various forums through four different categories as follows:


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Friday, November 5, 2010

Comic #51: Mandrake Sunday:S108 - The 3D Monster(Intro of KARMA ; 1970)

Karma was introduced in the Mandrake universe during '70s and that was some special introduction,appeared in the '70 sunday - The 3D Monster(S108).
Have a glimpse. See how Lothar was reluctant to meet Karma,his 4th cousin whom he last met years ago when she was a little girl with pimples,and HIS reaction after meeting!! :_) Also,Karma was very excited when informed (from Narda) that Lothar is still a bachelor! Love at first sight,eh?? ;-) [The first 6 weeks are given as story changed from the "Intro of Karma" to another direction from the 7th sunday ]
And for the trivia,this special story was omitted in Indrajal Comics and missed by all fans! Got this from Dan via Magnus. So all credit goes to both of these nice person and avid fans! :-)

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