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Comic #122 : Inca-der Rahasyamay Swarno-Uddan(The Garden of the Inca) - A Mandrake Sunday-strip in BENGALI(Translated)

Update(23/3/2015) : 

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The Garden of the Inca was originally published in the early '70s newspapers,when Indrajal Comics was very much in the business. But for some unknown reason,Times of India skipped this in their comic-magazine and hence it was missed by all Indian fans incld. the Bengali readers...

 So here it is in Bengali,translated from the original English version(colored strips are courtesy of Magnus).

 This time I have tried bit different thing with the fonts.Actually, have used my own hand-written fonts for this entire comic-strip,much like what we have seen in the old comic-books.This was probably not done before in the blogs, so I thought this would be better.
 Personally,I can take both as was introduced/grew-up with both types almost parallelly,but the vintage hand-written one has some different charm,the reason why I did this...!(I have experimented with different inks for the lettering but as it turned out finally that only black and blue inks are most suitable after the scanning,so I have used only these two inks in the whole run.)
  • Original Strip title : The Garden of the Inca 
  • Original Strip number : S115
  • Bengali title : Inca-der Rahasyamay Swarno-Uddan
  • Original run : 11-28-1971 to 02-13-1972
  • Creators: Falk(script) & Fredricks(illustration)
  • Translator : HojO

Post Script :

 @All visitors and fellow blogger friends :  After almost 8 years been in the blogging,I have finally decided to call it a day! That is,this post is going to be my last post as a blogger and that incld. my other two blogs aswell(the comic-cum-literature blog exclusively in Bengali : Bengali Treasure-Trove(BTT) and the social-blog where I have been quite irregular off-late : fly by.. ).

 While there will be no new posts in these blogs,I will keep them open so visitors,specially the newer ones, can access the long archives..
 Overall it was an eventful journey in these 95 months with 202 posts(at this blog) and 255 posts(in total,incld. some mirrors) which I have enjoyed quite a bit,and that was due to some quality visitors and bloggers with whom over the years I have shared quite friendly relation at blogs/mail/chat/fb and with some, personally as well! (While there will be no new post @blogs,I will active in FB,specially at this group : Indrajal Collectors' Club(ICC) and will post time to time!)

 Once again,many THANKS for your regular visits and the in-depth comments that motivated me to continue blogging this far amidst all the problems...

Take Care and GOOD BYE! :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Comic #120-121 : Kalankito Chora from Ranjan's Classics & A Story from 1996 Betty & Veronica SPECTACULAR

1980's was a period when a number of Bengali comic-series were introduced with the reader,majorly translated version of Western comics,and few were local creation! Majority of the series were promising but short-lived,and one of those was Ranjan's Classics. I have only 3 of this series(No.1,2 & 3) so have no idea about how many issues were released before the cancellation!
 Anyway,'Kalankito Chora' is a decent read supported by quality art, was translated by Sriavi Ashoke, but there is no mention of the original artist and script-writer.

 Other than Ranjan's Comics, some other notable Bengali comic-series I have came across from '80s are as follows(there were parallel Eng version of some of these series as well) :
  • Viswa Sahitya Chitrakatha
  • Avik Chitrakatha
  • Super Comics
  • War Comics
  • Viswa Sahitya Comics 
  • Chitrakalpo Katha (I don't have this series,have only an ad page but much similar with VSC)
  • Chandmama Comic & Classics
  • Chitrarath Comics (they tried to copy Indrajal's format-of-presentation but the quality of the art was pretty substandard)
  • Tin-murtir Avijan
  • Tinkle
  • Golden comic
  • Modern Chitrakatha
  • Hasir Comics
  • 3D Comics 
 There were few more but I don't have comics from these series right now..

Posting few selected covers from each of the above-mentioned series :

Next is from a completely different genre. A space-travel story  - Virtual Unreality from the Betty & Veronica SPECTACULAR series,published on Apr'96(No.18).As expected you will get a fun-filled adventure which any Archie fan will enjoy for sure....