Saturday, December 6, 2008

Comic #38:Dara-Indrajal:The Drug Barons(V26 N26;1989)

Hello Friends,I've just freshly scanned a Indrajal for your enjoyment & what could be the best fitted for the beginning??Of course a Dara-Indrajal!! SO CHEERS!:-)

It's one of the best titles of this Indian secret spy,deal the most dangerous issue then,way back in '80s i.e. drug smugglers!I had myself read it first time in '89 & was very much excited!!Also Pradeep Sathe's illustrations was awesome - specially I loved those associated with deep jungles!Hope you guys also love this,,let me know what you feel! :-) And I've scanned ALL 32 pages and posted in our conventional On-Line manner...


*Download Dara-Indrajal(V26 N26):
[1] HIGH QUALITY SCAN(Preferable)
[2] LOW RESOLUTION (low quality)