Thursday, November 1, 2012

Comic #98 : RK-D155 : A RIP KIRBY Daily from 1989

Enjoy the next RK daily,and 2nd from the Post-Indrajal period.One unique thing about these strips is the variety of locations that one will see with allmost every new adventures.Like in RK-D153("Foiled Coup";Ijc title), the adventure happened at a small hill-forest region,the next strip,D154, was quite city-based while in the D155, the adventure took place in the deep forest of Amazon!And all of these varieties were nicely illustrated by John Prentice who, apart from scripting the adventures from the mid '80s, was the sole artist of RK strips since 1956.
  • A Brief History of RIP KIRBY in the Indrajal Comics(1982-1989):
There were a total of 35 daily RK strips published in the Indrajal Comics from 1982 to 1989.The first & the last Ijc issues were No.399/সংখ্যা ৩৭৬(The Wax Trap) & Vol.26 No.29(The Foiled Coup),respectively.The strips were ranged from RK-D119(6-11-79 to 8-18-79) to RK-D153(7-18-88 to 11-5-88). Among these 35 strips, only 15 were published as cover stories while the rest appeared as inside or 2nd stories(published in parts) with the different heroes.
For your information, after ToI cancelled RK strips, another 44 dailies were published in the Post-Ijc era(RK-D154 to RK-D197 ; Nov'88 to June'99).
[Post Script - A good news for the RK fans. Dr.Ramesh has posted 2 more Post-Ijc strips in his blog: RK-D160 & RK-D161. All credit goes to him as these are at better condition,directly scanned from the newspaper cutting! :)]

  • RK-D155 (2-6-89 to 4-29-89) :
A quite different plot than the usual RK adventures.Ever seen any sci-fi element in this detective's adventures?? I haven't until this strip and so enjoyed the story quite well. In a brief,you will find Rip & Desmond in the land of ATLANTIS!(allthough it seems that Rip was familiar with these Atlantis people and had an adventure there much ago!)