Saturday, April 14, 2012

Comic #88 : A Mandrake Sunday from the '70s : The Mysterious Bigfoot(S133)

Today is the 1st day of the Bengali calender,so Subha NavaBarsha to all !! :)) This is the beginning of year 1419(বঙ্গাব্দ ১৪১৯).
On this occasion,enjoy this vintage strip - one of those Mandrake & Lothar's unique adventure -  from the '70s! This story was published in Indrajal as দৈত্যদের লড়াই(সংখ্যা ৩৪০)[English title was Battle of the Giants(No.362)]. Nothing special in this tale,but you will enjoy the plot which has a rather sweet ending!This is one of those Indrajals you can enjoy in a lazy afternoon! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Comic #85 - 87 : Triple Swedish Mandrake Dailies from the '90s!

 Three special dailies from the '90s : The Mirror Mystery(D210 ; '91-'92),Narda's Dream(D212 ; '92-'93) & Pursuit of the Cobra(D220 ; '95-'96).
 ALL are in Swedish(probably) and in nice color.As you know,'90s MTM strips are toughest to get,so we should be grateful to Magnus & Dan for these unedited non-English versions!
 In the first strip,one will see another return of those mysterious & ruthless Mirror people (Ekardnam,Rahtol,Adran,Amrak & others).The 2nd one is a rather fantasy strip with Narda as the central character.And the 3rd one is another intriguing tale Mandrake's most dangerous & long-lasting enemy : C-O-B-R-A!!

 While this is the first e-version of 'Pursuit of the Cobra' in any language, the Diamond's English version of 'Narda's Dream(DC-M #16)' 'The Mirror Mystery(DC-M #59)' are already available in net...I can remember the latter one was posted by Frank long ago in his blog ! :)

  • The Mirror Mystery(D210 ; 1991-92):

  • Narda's Dream(D212 ; 1992-93):
  • Pursuit of the Cobra(D220 ; 1995-96):

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Comic #83 & 84 : Mandrake Sundays : The Basilisk(S118) & Galaxy War(S125)

Enjoy a couple of special Mandrake adventures in color.All cerdit goes to Magnus. :)
First one is about a mythological creature while the 2nd one revolves around the central galaxy where Narda was kidnapped by some bizarre galactic enemies!
Both were already reprinted in the Indrajal Comics.

[PS - I have already checked,but still,if this is a re-post or already appeared in other site,please consider it as mirror!]
  • The Basilisk
  • Galaxy War

Friday, April 6, 2012

5th Anniversary Post :Comic #81 & 82 : Moxley University Robbers(S131) & Prairie Man(S132)

5th Anniversary of The Lost World! 
When I started off blogging on the 6th April 2007,never ever imagined that I will actually post on this day,after 5 long years!!But here I am with 2 more vintage MTM strips from Indrajal era! And like that day of 2007,this is also a friday! :)
For all visitors,I am grateful for your regular visit in all these years even when there is no new post for long-time! Keep coming back!

On this occasion,you can see few glimpses of my Personal Library! :)
[Also, you can visit my Facebook page something that I have created long back but only recently updated!]
  • First of all,Indrajal Special :This show-case is for ONLY Indrajal Comics!(Some are binded with other single issues in Bengali,English & few Hindi!)
  • Secondly,the Literature Novels & Story books(in Bengali & English),plus,some of the Puja annuals!
  • Thridly, Rest of the Comics series ranging from Chacha Choudhary,Pinki,Billo,ACK,Timpa,Comic World etc to the Tintin,Lucky Luke,Asterix,Archies,Tarzan,Smurfs,DC,Marvel etc to some Bengali series like Nante-Phonte,Batul,Danpite Khadu etc upto,of course,The Phantom & Mandrake b/w strips(in book format), FREW, Egmont & Diamond's Phantom & Mandrake digests!

  • Finally,with these,various Bengali & English film-magazines like Anandalok,Desh,Filmfare,Hi,Star Dust etc and some puja annuals are there!

  • S131 - Moxley University Robbers
  •  S132 - Prairie Man

Monday, April 2, 2012

Phantom Comic Book Survey

UPDATE: Exactly 1 year ago,on 2nd April, Team INDIA won the ICC Cricket WC 2011.Memories of that unforgettable night(& the following days) are coming back in my mind(& million of Indian fans aswell)!! :o)

From The Phantom Phorum:

Calling all Phantom Phans in Australia, India and Sweden!!!!

Phantom Comic Book Survey

According to the researcher Mr.Kevin: "I am looking for English-speaking participants, aged 18-years and over, to answer an online survey that will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. I am seeking people from Australia, India and Sweden who currently read (or who used to read) The Phantom, either as a newspaper/magazine comic-strip, or in comic books – or both. I would also be interested to hear from people in Australia, India and Sweden who have watched film, television or video game versions of The Phantom, or who have collected Phantom merchandise.
 Participation in this survey is completely voluntary and anonymous. No identifying information (such as people’s names or email address) will be collected. You are free to discontinue the survey at any point."

Let's help him to complete his work by participating in this survey on our beloved character : The Phantom aka Betal!!