Friday, June 28, 2013

Introducing A NEW Blog : Bengali Treasure-Trove(BTT)

Hello all friends,
  We are going to launch a new Blog on this Sunday,30th June 2013, where one will find rare scans of  the various Bengali literature books,magazines and comics.This blog will be a common platform of all kind of Bengali creations, i.e. incld. comic as well as non-comic materials.
The name of the blog is "Bengali Treasure-Trove" with url : 
1st post will be original print of a Satyajit Roy's story...

Unlike other blogs,this will be a joint venture and hence any Bengali readers can come forward to join us,either as a 'Co-author'(i.e. a MEMBER) or as a Contributor.

So visit our home page on sunday at 8 AM :

BEngali TReAsurE-TrovE

Friday, June 14, 2013

Comic #102 : Bengali Indrajal Comics(No.208) : A Mandrake Obhijan :Khune Patanga(খুনে পতঙ্গ)

Read a deadly encounter with an eccentric genius and how Mandrake & Lothar finally nab him,though the finishing is different than the usual plots!
 While the basic plot was quite intense,one will find few fun-moments in between,one when all of the Xanadu residents were sharing the pool and a phone rang...Lothar has a dry sense of humor,in my opinion! :)
Apart from the title-story,this issue has a very nice article on legendary cricket,Sir Don Bradman!
Now, read the full adventure...
Between,as an off-topic(and a new topic in a different site), who is your favorite Indian actress of the current time?? 
For me,the first 2 positions are sealed for one and only DEEPIKA PADUKONE...she is simply a breath-taking beauty - one whose a simple smile that will do the thing as you can see in the following simple pic! :o)
And the 3rd position is for PARINEETI CHOPRA...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Comic #101 - Saytaner Dweep(The Devil's Island) by Mayukh Chowdhury

Those fans, who used to read Bengali comics since '70s to '90s, are much familiar with one of the finest & unique illustrators(& script-writers) of original Bengali adventure comics : Mayukh Chowdhury!! He was one of those lesser exposed yet quite talented artist we got in India.The thing I loved most,and still get fascinated,is his dynamic & realistic art where you can't predict the panels' size nor shapes. Infact,he took full liberty of comic-book-format,which gave him much scope to showcase his talent,unlike the restricted boundary of newspaper comic-strips!
Some of his old arts were once compiled by Deb Sahitya Kutir - one of the leading book publishers in Bengal - in June 1982 along with 3 other artists incld. the famous Narayan Debnath!The title of that 16-story special comic edition was "Chobite Adventure(means Graphic Adventures)". [The cover is bit torn as the book is more than 30 years old,so bear with me,but I was lucky that the inside pages were all in good shape..In my knowledge,only another fan & avid reader cum blogger,Indranath has this rare book in his collection!]

One of those hand-picked was Saytaner Dweep(The Devil's Island) - a full-color thriller based on a true incident happened near California,US.

Post Script - A couple of trivia: (i)For some strange reason,original photograph of this famous late artist is not available with us but some artists who met him personally,drew his image which you can see as follows incld. the b/w art done by N.Debnath.

(ii)A huge compilation of his several creations was published few years back by a publisher, Lalmati,which covered most of his work,if not all!The printing was decent,some few pages were in color too, but the reproduction was inferior compare to the original old printing which was ,infact,much better as I have some of his old stories from Suktara magazine!

Now,read the full story of Saytaner Dweep here as I am posting all single pages to avoid MF's constant deleting of the d/l links!