Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bengali Diamond-Phantom & Indrajal Cover-Gallery.....

Since I've started blogging ,back in April 2007,allmost 3 years have been passed.This is something which I've never imagined then as I took blogging just for heck which only later became my passion!! :-)
Now,when Diamond Comics took the licence of Phantom/Mandrake from KFS,many fans like me were eagerly waited for that new series.Well,DC-P & DC-M were not that popular as like Indrajal but still DC delivered a fair job for allmost a decade and for them we got more dose of Phantom & Mandrake. Today I'm posting some DC-P(Bengali) covers followed by some vintage Indrajal covers too!! (English DC-P covers I've avoided as those are already available in Prabhat's blog scanned by Ajay.)
Some of following Ijc covers were scanned from one binder and for that reason their numbering couldn't scanned as I don't want to damage that binder.
Will post more such covers in future.....
ENJOY!! :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Bengali Indrajal Covers....

A Republic day special, requested by Prabhat to post on a special day.....between,as next festival day(Doljatra/Holi) is more than 1 month away,so one might expect a new post in never know!! :))
Till then enjoy these rare gems in their Bengali fonts....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some rare Bengali Indrajal Covers...

Hows life friends?? Hope everybody doing well! And it's the first post in 2010 @this blog-space. :)
Today enjoy some old and rare Bengali Indrajal some friend mentioned earlier,Bengali Indrajals have it's SPECIAL appeal with nice translations and very catchy titles,like for example,the #19(originally #41 - Veiled Lady) was titled "Obogunthita",which's quite catchy with....just loved these!! :))


Cheers.....(and well,during scanning I didn't choose any order,rather went randomly whatever I got in my hand and scanned those,started from Bengali Ijc #5 onwards)