Thursday, November 27, 2008

Comic #37:Cheryl Blossom (ARCHIE):The Beach Blanket Blossom(1995)

Hello dudes!After that cover-post ,here is one freshly scanned exciting yet fun-filled adventure from Archie comics starring CHERYL BLOSSOM! :-) It was due to her presence,Archie comics got tremendous success in the '80s but after some years Cheryl was 'banned' due to the explicit scenes/dialogues(!) & in expert's version "too much sensual effect for teenagers(for American teens!!;-)".
But even after all these,Cheryl made a come back on '94,after a remarkable demands from fans! :-) By the way,Cheryl has a twin brother, Jason, an arrogant rival of Archie and suitor of Betty. Jason is smitten with Betty, despite claiming that he only dates rich girls.
This one(Beach Blanket Blossom) is from '95 where Archie & Cheryl were engaged in naughty beach-fun but ouch!! Veronica saw them and then.... ;-)
READ IT BY YOUR SELF and let me know whether you loved this...ENJOY!! :-)

Download Cheryl #1

NOW,enjoy some rare & vintage Diamond Mandrake covers,most of which having Post-Ijc strips(1990-95)!Comics will be scanned in due course of time!:-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Old Bengali Indrajals & Other Missing COVERS!

Hello friends!First of all,thanks for visiting this Blog-space regularly even though irregular posting from my side ;-) and as a result 40,000 Limits has been crossed just few days back!What I can say??Thanks for your visit....keep coming friends!! :D

Now,as the post-title suggests,here I'm posting some rare vintage Indrajal covers in Bengali Version - IN 'celebration' of my F380 scanner,which backs in life just yesterday(after the last year!!),wid much better shape! :-
Few months back,I got some oldies from Ijc #26 to #69 in a single binder @5 bucks each! I tried to scan all covers in it,but what I've realised is while front & back Ijcs are still ok (for scanning) the in-between comics r bit vulnerable as there's a chance of tearing if I press the binder,hence I reject that idea! :( But hey,I've many single copies too,so cheers!!Will post more in some later posts! And even though I've many Ijcs oldies in English,no need to scan those as already available on-line,ain't??
NOTE:Ijc #26 is #4 in Bengali as Ijc #23(Scarlet Sorceress) was the first Bengali Indrajal ever published!:-) Since then as many as 780 copies were published in Bengali & got a tremendous success which is still continuing as here in Kolkata,Bengali Ijcs,specially the oldies,are selling like hot-cakes!:-

  NOW ,FOR MORE FUN,ENJOY THESE Ijc-Covers(Bengali & English) :most of these are yet-to-appear on-line,specially the Bahadurs!:-) More COMICS,incld. DC-Mandrake/Archie's Magazine/Timpa and many more are coming soon.....

Monday, November 10, 2008

WOW! WOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhh.....

That's what we all Indian fans are currently feeling!!!WE AGAIN BEAT Ugly Aussies,the so-called No.1 in ICC TEST Ranking,by a remarkable 2-0 margine in this just ended 4-TEST Border-Gavaskar Trophy! :D

What a day it was and what a series we watched in the last 5 weeks or so!!!For many reasons people will remember this 8th B-G Trophy,apart from retirement of 2 greats Kumble & Sourav,a great bunch of gen-next players like Ishant(MoS),Misra,Gambhir etc brilliantly contributed in Team's effort! Also Dhoni,about whom many thought(incld. me) he'll be immature for the test-captaincy and so our selectors but after the way he lead-from-front in BOTH of our thumping victories in Mohali & Nagpur,now it's certain that,after Dada -India's most sucessful Test captain ever, he's going to be the NEXT BEST CAPTAIN INDIA EVER HAVE! Kudos him!:-)


PS - A Small stat,that will state how we deal with Aussies:
In ALL 8 Border-Gavaskar trophies,since 1996,India won 4 times while Australia won just 3 times leaving 1 was draw! And among 26 tests were played in those years ,BOTH Teams won 10 matches each and rest 6 were draw! And don't forget that "Sydney Test" which is also included in this stat!;-)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Comic #36:Mandrake Daily:Otiter Podochinho(Footstep from the Past:D246):Part-I

First Bengali Comic scan in this blog!ENJOY!!:-)

This is my effort in order to bring Mandrake's Bengali strips on-line,,in a Book-format with a Introductionary panel which's bit like ComicCrazee kinda effort ;-)!! Between,where are you?? This one is titled as "Otiter Podochinho" OR "Footstep from the Past",a 2004-Daily!This one is special as dealt with a vintage criminal from Falk-Davis era:The Great Grando!! :o)
As the whole strip is a 32-pager,thus I'll publish in 3 parts,as complilation & editing from the original single strips is bit lenghty job but matter of fact,this is quite exciting for me!!Hope you'll like it!:-)

Part-II coming soon....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello ALL! :-)

Hello friends!!After a long time we are meeting here,eh?? ;-) Others like ICC & ANUPAM are completely out-of blogging while MTM,CW & TCP are bit inconsistent!ohh ye,,me too in the same line!But no more from now onwards,I guess! ;-) And positive side is PRABHAT & TPH are doing wonderful jobs by posting in a regular interval,specially Prabhat!Keep it up buddies.... :D
In between I was experimenting with some new things in Comics strips,,,and the latest one is hunting for old Bengali Mandrake strips(B/W) and then re-arranging/editing those to create a book-format!In this process I've collected a few Bengali Mandrake strips in a single-strip/page format and then converting 'em in a regular book-frame! This takes some times though,but I'm working on it and soon here will be a NEW Bengali strips for our Bengali fans of this fascinating Magician and be sure that it's English version is yet-to-be appeared in On-line ,be it in Bala's MTM blog or Aman's On-line site!So just wait for few more days friends... :-)
By the way,I was also converting colored English strips with Bengali fonts(from the b/w version),in order to get a colored Bengali version of the same!here's one sample...

First,the original English Colored strip:

Then,the Original Bengali B/W strip:

And the RESULT! :-)

In order to keep the original coloring intact,I'd to re-colored some panels(after putting the Bengali texts in place of English counter-part) .So,you can understand it's been bit tiresome job,but at the same time pretty exciting(& fun) too,,,:-)
SEE YOU SOON! Keep visiting.....