Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello ALL! :-)

Hello friends!!After a long time we are meeting here,eh?? ;-) Others like ICC & ANUPAM are completely out-of blogging while MTM,CW & TCP are bit inconsistent!ohh ye,,me too in the same line!But no more from now onwards,I guess! ;-) And positive side is PRABHAT & TPH are doing wonderful jobs by posting in a regular interval,specially Prabhat!Keep it up buddies.... :D
In between I was experimenting with some new things in Comics strips,,,and the latest one is hunting for old Bengali Mandrake strips(B/W) and then re-arranging/editing those to create a book-format!In this process I've collected a few Bengali Mandrake strips in a single-strip/page format and then converting 'em in a regular book-frame! This takes some times though,but I'm working on it and soon here will be a NEW Bengali strips for our Bengali fans of this fascinating Magician and be sure that it's English version is yet-to-be appeared in On-line ,be it in Bala's MTM blog or Aman's On-line site!So just wait for few more days friends... :-)
By the way,I was also converting colored English strips with Bengali fonts(from the b/w version),in order to get a colored Bengali version of the same!here's one sample...

First,the original English Colored strip:

Then,the Original Bengali B/W strip:

And the RESULT! :-)

In order to keep the original coloring intact,I'd to re-colored some panels(after putting the Bengali texts in place of English counter-part) .So,you can understand it's been bit tiresome job,but at the same time pretty exciting(& fun) too,,,:-)
SEE YOU SOON! Keep visiting.....


The Phantom Head said...

Welcome back. We were sure missing your unique posts. Hope you are regular from now on.

Nice post this.

The Phantom Head said...

And this is one of its kind experiment from a comic blogger, never done before. Wishing you success with Bengali Mandrake strips, but then.... you are enjoying it very much... we already know.

Good luck.

MAnDrake said...

#TPH: Thanks for such supporting & encouraging words!!Hope I'll be more or less regular in blogging!

And this is one of its kind experiment from a comic blogger, never done before.
That's d reason why am soo excitited abt this,,,let's hope my enthusism will keep flowing..


JhargramDevil said...

Hey Sagnik, I have already visited your blog before i started mine! You promised there to publish a lot of bengali indrajal comics itself. I have 650+ indrajal with me. I am scanning from volume 20 onwards..i will complete it first and then touch others. you can tell me your plan so that both of us can save our energy..Isn't it so buddy? Waiting for your reply. Devil