Thursday, February 19, 2015

Comic #120-121 : Kalankito Chora from Ranjan's Classics & A Story from 1996 Betty & Veronica SPECTACULAR

1980's was a period when a number of Bengali comic-series were introduced with the reader,majorly translated version of Western comics,and few were local creation! Majority of the series were promising but short-lived,and one of those was Ranjan's Classics. I have only 3 of this series(No.1,2 & 3) so have no idea about how many issues were released before the cancellation!
 Anyway,'Kalankito Chora' is a decent read supported by quality art, was translated by Sriavi Ashoke, but there is no mention of the original artist and script-writer.

 Other than Ranjan's Comics, some other notable Bengali comic-series I have came across from '80s are as follows(there were parallel Eng version of some of these series as well) :
  • Viswa Sahitya Chitrakatha
  • Avik Chitrakatha
  • Super Comics
  • War Comics
  • Viswa Sahitya Comics 
  • Chitrakalpo Katha (I don't have this series,have only an ad page but much similar with VSC)
  • Chandmama Comic & Classics
  • Chitrarath Comics (they tried to copy Indrajal's format-of-presentation but the quality of the art was pretty substandard)
  • Tin-murtir Avijan
  • Tinkle
  • Golden comic
  • Modern Chitrakatha
  • Hasir Comics
  • 3D Comics 
 There were few more but I don't have comics from these series right now..

Posting few selected covers from each of the above-mentioned series :

Next is from a completely different genre. A space-travel story  - Virtual Unreality from the Betty & Veronica SPECTACULAR series,published on Apr'96(No.18).As expected you will get a fun-filled adventure which any Archie fan will enjoy for sure....