Thursday, June 5, 2014

John Celardo's TARZAN Daily Strips from the BARTAMAN(বর্তমান) Newspaper

 In the late '80s and early '90s we used to subscribe a Bengali newspaper - BARTAMAN(বর্তমান) and their licensed comic-strip was TARZAN!! Very soon I was hooked with this mighty ape-man. I still remember the way I used wait for everyday's newspaper(except Sunday) just to read those strips!

But I never tried to collect those strips back then...and I was still regretting for that! Until very recently,little I knew that there is a re-run of old Tarzan strips since last few years and they are publishing the same old strips!! And the artist JOHN CELADO was as efficient as RUSS MANNING - his successor!(For a long time I thought all were done by  Manning...while Manning redefined the series altogether but J.Celardo  had even more mystic charm in his style....his detailed description of a dense jungle and the atmosphere...all were just mind-blowing!)

So I am now subscribing Bartaman once again,for these strips alone,and this time I will collect each and every strips - as these TARZAN daily strips were never published in India in book-format/magazine,so Bartaman's reprint is the only source of these rare Tarzan strips in Bengali!! 

Here are scans of few such you can see,the current run is from 1964...that is, 50 years' old strips!!