Friday, April 6, 2007


Friends,from today onwards,I'll discuss our most favorite topic - INDRAJAL COMICS.
Yes!!I'm talking about he amazing comic series published between '64 to '90 .On April,1990,  publisher (ToI) cancelled the entire series of PHANTOM,MANDRAKE,BAHADUR, FLASH GORDON & DARA along with some not-so-popular CHARACTERS,without any notice.
I still remember that day,when my local magazine-seller guy told me that there will be no more Indrajals , was one of the saddest day in my life. However, I kept collecting old indrajals , initially from my those friends had no care about these comics(thanks god!) & later mostly from old-book sellers. AND this HUNT is still on!! :))
 I am requesting more Indrajalians to come forward in our Indrajal blogging community & spare at least a few minutes from their precious times to revive their apparently lost just keep checking this blog for future updates with yours suggestive comments & make sure that INDRAJAL will NEVER DIE!!:))