Saturday, November 8, 2008

Comic #36:Mandrake Daily:Otiter Podochinho(Footstep from the Past:D246):Part-I

First Bengali Comic scan in this blog!ENJOY!!:-)

This is my effort in order to bring Mandrake's Bengali strips on-line,,in a Book-format with a Introductionary panel which's bit like ComicCrazee kinda effort ;-)!! Between,where are you?? This one is titled as "Otiter Podochinho" OR "Footstep from the Past",a 2004-Daily!This one is special as dealt with a vintage criminal from Falk-Davis era:The Great Grando!! :o)
As the whole strip is a 32-pager,thus I'll publish in 3 parts,as complilation & editing from the original single strips is bit lenghty job but matter of fact,this is quite exciting for me!!Hope you'll like it!:-)

Part-II coming soon....


Comic World said...

This strip seems good,but i can't read it.Do you have its English version.

The Phantom Head said...

Great. You did all the translation? Amazing effort. and fabulous results. Congratulations.

When it comes to understand spoken Bangla, I am able to do it 15-20% but literal Bangla is very much difficult for me, Can't read a word really. But the strips are looking beautiful and very much indian. Nice definitely.

SagNik said...

#CW: Thanks!But matter of fact,I've ONLY an incomplete English version of it... :(

SagNik said...

You r Welcome!Thanks for these nice words...
Btwn,ohh no,,,I'm not gonna taking credit for translation as these strips were appeared in our famous Bengali newspaper ABP long ago & I've just collected d scans!:-) BUT those(scans) were in a single-strip format,thus I've to compile/edit 'em in this Book-format(wid a CC kinda intro panel as well ;-)).
Besides, as original KFS paneeling were pretty crude so I've to re-panelling allmost all panels in order have a neat-n-nice look(have a close look n you'll understand the 'fresh' lines!)

But as I've decided to continue this thing for sometimes,you will prbably see more of these things(Bengali Mandrake strips!):D

Frankly,how much we enjoy/appreciate Original English versions,reading in your own mother-tongue(for me Bengali as Hindi for you),specially if tranlation is good 'nuff,IS COMPLETELY DIFRENT JOY!!ain't??