Thursday, November 27, 2008

Comic #37:Cheryl Blossom (ARCHIE):The Beach Blanket Blossom(1995)

Hello dudes!After that cover-post ,here is one freshly scanned exciting yet fun-filled adventure from Archie comics starring CHERYL BLOSSOM! :-) It was due to her presence,Archie comics got tremendous success in the '80s but after some years Cheryl was 'banned' due to the explicit scenes/dialogues(!) & in expert's version "too much sensual effect for teenagers(for American teens!!;-)".
But even after all these,Cheryl made a come back on '94,after a remarkable demands from fans! :-) By the way,Cheryl has a twin brother, Jason, an arrogant rival of Archie and suitor of Betty. Jason is smitten with Betty, despite claiming that he only dates rich girls.
This one(Beach Blanket Blossom) is from '95 where Archie & Cheryl were engaged in naughty beach-fun but ouch!! Veronica saw them and then.... ;-)
READ IT BY YOUR SELF and let me know whether you loved this...ENJOY!! :-)

Download Cheryl #1

NOW,enjoy some rare & vintage Diamond Mandrake covers,most of which having Post-Ijc strips(1990-95)!Comics will be scanned in due course of time!:-)


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Great work you are going to do. Please scan all your Mandrake DC, Thank you very much in advance.

SagNik said...

Thanks but did ya liked this Cheryl fun??gimme a review ...

and abt DC-M,will do! :-)

The Phantom Head said...

Its's a great news about your scanner. Now I am looking forward to some unposted IJC covers from your collection. :-)

SagNik said...

#TPH: Thanks man!Yes,you definetly can see some rare Ijc covers wid ONE COMPLETE Indrajals within few days,,20 pages r already scanned!:-)
But wht abt this ARCHIE Comics??don you guys like this Fun-series of famous teen-gang or my scans?? :(

adibud34 said...

Sagnik, good job! Nice to see you're still blogging and all! Good job! I'm going to download the archies now - and looking forward to the Mandrakes.

SagNik said...

#Adi:Welcome!I've posted the d/l link of Cheryl...and wait,a new Ijc is coming soon!
Guess the hero?? ;-)

comicrazee said...

Thanks for the d/l for Archie!