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Publication History of Phantom & Mandrake Sunday Strips in the BENGALI Newspaper & Magazines

In the previous post,I was talking about the Dailies in the Bengali newspaper.Now,let's talk about the sunday strips of the both Falk heroes.
While Mandrake Sundays were published only in the ABP's newspaper,Phantom Sundays were published in the two magazines,Desh & Anandamela, which are under the same publication house:ABP.
Now first,if we look at the MTM sundays,there's sadly not much infos are available currently.All I can say that those were published in the special ABP sunday-page:Rabibasorio in the b/w format with all 6 panels/strip. I used to read the late '80s Kraken series(specifically from the S158 - Young Prince) and while couldn't follow those regularly,I still remember reading pieces of a story where the first meeting of Mandrake & Lothar was discussed!Only recently I figured out that's from a '95 sunday(S172 - Revolution In Lotharton)[attaching one Swedish strip-page where you can view the sequence of their first meeting!].Soon after few months or so ABP stopped publishing the MTM sunday pages.So might be S172 was the last strip,but not sure!

So,if we summaries....
  • Mandrake Sundays(By ABP):
  • Year of Publication & Title of the First Strip: The Astro pirates(S099) on probably 1967-8(the earliest know strip at ABP till date..)
  • Year of Publication & Title of the Last Strip: On/After '95 & might be Revolution In Lotharton(S172)
Now,unlike Mandrake,informations regarding the Phantom aka Aranyadev Sundays are pretty rich,specifically those published from the '80s to till date, which covers the last 3 decades! :-) GWW was introduced in the weekly magazine Desh(exact year is not known) and published in the b/w format until '85.Then ABP started publishing those strips in colored version and it should be mentioned that,inking as well as the page quality were really superior.However from '93 Phantom was omitted from Desh and added in the ABP's teen-mag called Anandamela(AM) and that continued till the early part of 2004 when the publisher decided to end the sunday pages.But after 4 years,since 2008, Phantom strips were once again added in the AM and since then our beloved ghost's sunday adventures are regularly appearing in the Bengali version in full-color! :-)
Besides regular issues,some selected sundays (from the various era) were published in the special Annual issue(Sarodiya) of AM,from the '90s to early 2000s.However all strips were in the b/w format,unlike the colored counter-part of the regular issues. [Once again,if any older reader of Desh/ABP paper is reading these posts(this one & the previous),please come forward with any valuable informations you have either here or in the Phorum article!:-)]
So,at a glance:
  • Phantom Sundays(by ABP):
  • In the Desh Magazine:
  • (Only)Regular Issues:
In my knowledge the earliest available issue carrying the Phantom strips is from the 1984 and since then all the strips between "S118(Mysterious Karapura) to S136(Return of the Thuggees)" were published till Feb/1993. However,the first colored strip was S122(Alexander's Diamond Cup).
  • In the Anandamela(AM) Magazine:
  • Regular Issues:
From March/1993, strips were uninterruptedly published ,started with "S137(The Fourth Son) to S152(The Shipwreckers)" till 2003.Then finally with the "S157(The Snake Goddess's Island) & S158(Terror in Mawitaan)" publication was temporarily stopped on the Apr/2004(no informations are available for S153,S155 & S156). Then,after four years of without Aranyadev,once again strips are under publication in AM,since Apr/2008,started with "S167(Plutonium Pirates) to currently S172(The Dirty Half Dozen)" on Feb/2011(latest edition).
  • Annual(Sarodiya) Issues:
From the '90s to the early 2000s,some selected sunday strips were added in the special annual issues and all were in the b/w format and sometimes bit edited.
The following strips were appeared in the annuals:
"S060(Treasure of the Skull Cave), S066(Mystery of Wamba Falls Inn), S079(The Dolphins), S080(The Beach), S087(The Massacre), S115(Kit and the Little People), S154(The Lion's Head Tamarine) & S159(The Sinbad Stone)".
Now,for the Indrajal readers & fans,as all of you are very aware that the LAST Sunday strips in the Indrajal was S133(Death from the Sky ;Ijc Vol.26 No.41),so it can be said that the colored & unedited versions of allmost all of the Post-Indrajal strips (from S134 to currently S172) were published(and still under the publication!) only in the Desh & AM mags.
In the next few posts,I'll add few selected pages of the above mentioned strips.

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