Friday, March 25, 2011

Return of the Original Chokers' ... thankfully!

Not much to say,not anything new either,still let's have some cricket-blabbering!
Finally, it has been proved  that we should "admire" the spirited performance by the original title holder of "BIGGEST CHOKER", Team South Africa(famously known as Pro-Tears!),who'd just a fortnight back handed over their unique crown to the Team India ,has regained THE TOP SPOT today against the Newzelanders  in the 3rd Quarter-Final of the ongoing ICC WORLD CUP.And while we are yet to see who will lift the Cup on 2nd April,one thing is sure that this "unique crown" will be retained by the Pro-tears for a looong time.
Meantime,it seems like Team Indiawho "won" this (in)famous crown on the 12th of this month, yesterday has been recovered(to some extent!) from the jinx but then the complete recovery(read winning the WC) IS still a long-way to go!!
As one of my close friends & a fellow cricket-addict was pondering over yesterday night,"Will it ever happen??",only thing I'd told him that "buddy,you have asked me a million rupees question but I'm NOT keeping my my fingers crossed,as yet"!!

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