Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Comic #17 & #18:Mandrake Strips: Lothar's Walk in the Park(S120) & The Mystery of Inter-Intel(S121)

UPDATE: The d/l link of the Last Falk-Daily of Mandarke:The Secret Mission(D231) has been re-uploaded!So those who tried to d/l that strip in last few weeks & failed may visit the post again at Comic #1.
With these releases,it would be four Phantom/Mandrake comics within last 3 days!!'s like I'm spending my current free-times 'perfectly',rite friends?? ;o) As it's expected that in this month my work-load will be far lesser(than it was in last few months),so you may see more releases shortly!Well,from March ,again I'll back to my ol' routine!:-) Now,enjoy a couple of fascinating colored Mandrake-strips courtesy my friend Sheril....AND MORE TO COME!!
Between these two 1973 strips :S120(Lothar's Walk in the Park) & S121(The Mystery of Inter-Intel) were published in Ijc as 'The Incredible Thief(No.246)' under a single title!But that Ijc version is hugely edited & cropped too.So,I thought it would be better to read the Original Colored Strip format!! :-))
Have some 'glimpses' ....

Download Mandrake S120
Download Mandrake S121


adibud34 said...

Thanks for this strip, Sagnik. I remember reading the IJC featuring this story - but I don't think they cut much from it, in fact my recollection is that the IJC had more parts in it!

So, did anything for V-day? :)

Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks for the strip Sagnik. Love the improved frequency!

dArA said...

What you read was a 'punched' story of BOTH S120 & S121 under a single title! And,as I yet to post that S121(WHich I'm doing now!),you thought that IJC has 'more' panels!!!

In reality,atleast 6-8 panels ahd been chopped in that IJC version,incld. one which featured Narda-Karma wid Lothar!

dArA said...

thanks.. :-)