Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comic #20:Phantom Strip(Colored) :The Hanta Witch(D091)

For a change,have this special Phantom strip which appeared in India only as Diamond Digest#11 (as again due to some controversial scripting,ToI preferred to omit it in Indrajal!).

Now,there's a very "interesting" incident associated wid this colored strip .When I received it from Andreas months ago,I was carrying this notion that this fabulous coloring was done by Sy Barry himself,as without a professional,such quality(which you'll see soon) is nearly unattainable!!

So,during mailing,I once told 'some' friend about this amazing coloring n sent him the d/l link! I thought 'he' would be amazed...but holla,he replied back as "well,this strip was definitely not inked by Barry,in fact it was done by ME few years back."!!!
ohh...I was shocked like a hell...I asked whether he just jokin' but no..he was not & when I asked Andreas about it ...he confirmed,it was originally a B/W Daily(as usual) and indeed inked by this man:Ivan Pederson of Norway!!!All thanks for his such a talented show-case! :o))

WOW!!! I simply loved this coloring....he also done inking in some others strips which I'll put in future asap!!(Wid this quality,one will simply label the DC coloring as rubbish!!..what a pity,DC used pretty poor & 'art-destroying' coloring in BOTH Phantom & Mandrake strips!!!! :-(( )
Now,lets enjoy his creation wid the thrilling script of Falk & supported by equally brilliant art-work of Barry ..between,it's a 1965 Phantom Daily!

This is a 45-page strip.Have a look in some these amazing inking ....more to come! :-)

Download D091(colored)


sushant said...

hello dara, thanks fr sucha nice strip! more thanks 2 the colorist!! As far as i remeber, hav read one IJC regarding this Hanta witch! infact, Diana names heloise after her only!! After rescuing the witch, the then phantom married her!! Iwonder if u can upload the same also! :)

dArA said...

Yes,Ivan is great!I reaslly loved all of his inked strips!! :-))

Btwn,yes...right point-out by you,,,this Hanta Witch concept was re-appeared in Falk's strip in '79(wid some modificatn) where Hanta witch had a name 'Heloise' which eventually picked by Diana for their daughter!

That was Ijc #381! A great tale to read...will provide the 'original scan' soon!

Indrajal Comics Club said...

nice strip
there are many strips colourized by ivan, last yr i was a member of his ftp grp,

dArA said...

Thanx Chandu!
I've only 'another' colored strip(by Ivan):The Lady from nowhere(D049) I don have!

So,if you have sme other colored strips,plse post in ICC asap!:-)

Btwn,personally I feel,Ivan's inking quality is ONE OF THE BEST we even experinced!!ain't??

adibud34 said...

Thanks Sagnik! This was an interesting read.

dArA said...

thnx....It's indeed! :)
Keep coming..

comicrazee said...

Nice story. Ivan has indeed done a good job in colouring the strip.


Anonymous said...

great work. I read the story in diamond comics and seeing this ..... Wow... Ivan's work is wonderful...
Please post more of his work.

dArA said...

Thnx...that's an exciting thriller published in DC#11 as well!
Yes,Ivan done a real cool job!he'd colored 4/5 strips in total ,I guess!

dArA said...

welcome in TLW !!

will post few more...

keep coming...:-)

Digbose Hazarika said...

Can you plz upload hanta witch again coz dt link is broken plz plz