Monday, February 11, 2008

Comic #16 :Phantom Indrajal:The Cruel Conspiracy(Ijc #136)

Today is our Subha Saraswati Puja & on this occasion enjoy another treat of old Vetaal-Indrajal! So,enjoy a couple of back-2-back vintage('70s)Phantom-adventures in this blog-space!!:-)))
It's a 'special' tale & those Phans who wished to learn more about the early days of Rex-the present prince of Baronkhan,would LOVE it!!Personally,when I'd read it on-paper,just loved it(also I'm fond of those tales associated wid Rex).
As the title shows,it's about a ghastly conspiracy regarding the origin of Rex - which was unknow then(in 1971)!

Moreover,there are some Phantom tales,which are as great as some novels(concept/script-wise)!!! But then,all knows,Falk was as great as some world-famous novelists,only if he'd invested some energies in MORE novels(only 4/5 I guess,besides some play-script). But then,we are NOT complaining,he gave us immese treasures of two amazing SUPER HEROES: Phantom & Mandrake & that too for some 6/7 decades!!!
ohh great.... :-))

Well,enjoy this tale.... thanks again to the A/V duo...
Btwn,I'm provoding d/l links in 2 parts!
Here is some touching moments..... :-)

Download #136(Part-I)
Download #136 (Part-II)


Grouchy's Comics said...

Many thanks for the double treat Sagnik. Happy Saraswati Puja.

Chatur Cheeta said...

Subha Saraswati Puja to you too.
By the way are you too a bengali ?

I had earlier requested for your e-mail ID.

dArA said...

#GS: Thnx....I thought to post some 'special' in this occasion,also it's rare to see 2 Phantom comics on same day(on Blogs),which was Anupam's unique idea...I wonder where is he??? really missing his wonderful non-ijc stuffs! :(

dArA said...

Thanks! :)
Yes,I'm very much a Bengali guy.
Sorry 4 the late reply...alredy sent a mail!:)


adibud34 said...

Hi Sagnik, thanks a lot for the two comics! I've been waiting to read about Rex's mysterious background. This is my chance! :)

dArA said...

You are welcome.Yes,there are many exciting tales regrading Rex's origin,how he became Phantom's foster-son or even those associated wid Baronkhan!
Fact is,I'd wrote something on Rex...i's in draft I guess,After modifying I'll post wud be fun also,as I get some free times nowadays! :))