Saturday, February 2, 2008

Comic #13: Mandrake Indrajal: The Criminal Team(Ijc #128)

According to the Poll result,here's the most wanted Indrajal: Mandrake's The Criminal Team(No.128 ;1971).
It's an out-n-out thriller & a A/V contribution.
ENJOY! :-)

Download the Indrajal


Sir said...

thanks to misraji and you to provide this nice book

adibud34 said...

Thanks a lot, Sagnik! The comic looks real good! Also, it finally stopped snowing here - summer can never come early enough for me!

dArA said...

#Sir: Thnx.....keep coming!
#Adi:It's a nice comic indeed!Inshort,any P/M/B is close to heart,na. :-)
So,snow stopped....can we expect a post on your childhood passion etc upto...ahem...your 'other' passions(ohh's upto you)! ;o))

Keep coming...

adibud34 said...

Ha ha! Other passions? this blog a PG blog or a X-rated blog? Ha ha! :D

Speaking of X-rated, tonight, I'm actually going to attend a debate between two guys - one of whom is some church pastor, and the other is the most famous porn star of all time - Ron Jeremy!

It'll be fun - you can guess, who I'm going to support! ;)

dArA said...

#adi: this blog a PG blog or a X-rated blog?

Neither....I meant you shud write something in your blog,so that we can see your 'personal' experinces regarding your comic-love and also other aspects whatever you crazy for! ;)

you can guess, who I'm going to support! ;)

Who can't??? ;o))