Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Early Days.....

I guess everybody loved that Mandrake-thriller:'Headless Figure'. Thanks to all visitors for visiting & appreciating my small effort in this blog....more to come ! :-)
As am writing this post,the on-going Poll is just 9 minutes away from closing & 50 votes within 6 days is good enough to judge what's the most wanted! ;-) Surely,I'll post those Indrajals according to the visitor's choice.

Between,many years passed since that day I'd re-started my Indrajal collections .That was in 2002/03, I guess. Then ,IJC was allmost out of my mind as I thought it's impossible to get them after so many years! But,in that day,when I was just near the Sealdah Rail-station, suddenly I found a old-book seller selling some comics,magazine and holla! some old ijcs were lying wid other stuffs!!! I was in a hurry(to reach my University) ,but it was something for which I was ready to skip my classes. ;-) !Well, that day I got only 3 Indrajals ,each in a different language (Bengali,English & Hindi) & also different heroes(Phantom,Mandrake & Rip). Well,those mere 3 Indrajals sparked my enthusiasm to collect more of these gems which were my child-hood craze!It was like a revive of ol' memory ,allthough later I got only 1/2 more from that seller. Well,after a couple of years I found another seller near our JU & got many IJCs from him as well !Later,even I found so many other places where I collected a considerable numbers of Indrajals/ACKs etc ,but still those few initial collections are very close to my heart,as those were the early days of this craze for some apparently lost(& timeless) gems!

I still remember ,in 2005, during my project work of M.Sc., I was asked to do some on-line google search(for some study material).But,first thing hit my mind was nothing but to search these timeless gems;Indrajal Comics!! Well,with professors & scholars constantly around,it was not possible for me to do so ,neither I'd a PC then. ;-( Well,I'd finished my project work on a day,incidentally which was 'begining' of some revolution among Indrajal-maniacs!!!

Yup,I'm talking about that special day, 17th April,2005 ,when TCP had started his dream(n wild,then) project of digitizing some Ijcs of his collections!!! However,my Project-Seminar was on 18th April & even at that day I was on-line!!! But,wid shear bad-luck(& was tensed too) always accompanied by some senior scholars ! :-/ So,can't search for ijcs on net(neither I'd a bit idea how a revolution just began, silently!! ).I was rather more interested in my IJC-hunt in the old markets!

Then,there was a longggg gap for some professional reason.

Later in the February of the last year,2007, I had 'discovered ' TCP &'s like my dreams have completed a full-circle!:o)

P.S.- Today I went through some of the earliest posts(& comments) at TCP & the nostalgia associated wid those posts charged me to share these thoughts finally(which were in my mind since long).
Between, IJC-Poll has been closed & Criminal Team(Mandrake) is the winner wid 19 votes. I'll put it soon...again,thanks for the visits.....and keep coming. :-)


adibud34 said...

Nice trip down memory lane, Dara! It's always fun to go back and remember times that were fun - it's funny eh, sometimes in life, you only have happy memories to look back on, and sometimes you have a mixed bag!
My university was closed today and tomorrow - massive snow storm here. So, I hope you post the Mandrake IJC soon - I'm getting too bored here! :)

DARA said...

Hello Aditya,
I always look back for plesant experinces as it ONLY can give u some most needed dose of 'nostalgia'!! ain't??

We wud be ahppy if you also share your feelings,how you 1st read ijc,which hero u loved most you said,lets have an 'another' trip! :-)

Btwn,that 'Mandrake' coming,u will not be bored for long! ;-)

comic.crazy said...

Nice post. We all share the same experience of the thrill of rediscovering the long-lost innocent childhood memories.

Keep it up


adibud34 said...

Hi Dara, say, BTW - is your name Dara or Sagnik? How should I call you?

How's your research coming along?

I will share my feelings very soon....right now, all I'm feeling is very cold here! ;)

Ach said...

Thank you for putting up this two-part story. It's nice to read the later issues.
One request, if the second story in these issues is based on Rip/Buz, could you upload those as well? It would be much appreciated.

DARA said...

My name is Sagnik. It's just I like this Indian 'Bond':Dara and thus choosed it as my Blog-name!

Though there are only a few Dara-Indrajal as he was inroduced in Oct'88 & Ijc cancelled in Apr'90!:((
But,I always like these adventures.Also he was among those earliest Indrajal-heroes I was intorduced,so a special feeling's alwys there! :)

Btwn,I've posted one Mandrake.....enjoy!

I don have those inside Rip-scan! As these contributors scaned MOSTLY the MAJOR Character's stroies ,so if you've notice,except comic-pages....NOT MUCH of other features like ads/cartoons are present in these ijc-scans!

But,enjoy the lst this you can get always! :)