Friday, January 4, 2008

Comic #6 & 7:Carl Anderson's HENRY:ORIGINAL No.13 and 34

Friends,do I need to introduce Henry with all comic-lovers,specially those IJC fans?? ;o)
NO is the cent percent sure answer as we all read it as a pin-up strips in Indrajal Comics all most from it's beginning (before 1970) up to the end and needn't to mention,enjoyed every strips!!

But then,ALL those were Sunday single-page strip by Don Thachate,who was illustrator of this mischievous and lovable little boy since the Original writer-n-illustrator Carl Anderson's death ,in way back '60s(not sure about the exact year)!
Now,when I went through his(Carl) creations,I loved MORE than what I felt when read those single-pagers!!

Here I'm presenting two Carl Anderson's Henry comics :No.13 & No.34.
Thanks Anupam for sharing & K.B. for scanning these gems!!


SOME mischievous moments of this lil' boy who remains our close friend since the intro. with IJC..... :-)

Download #13

Download #34


comicrazee said...

Nice post about this lovable boy created by Carl Thomas Anderson. Henry stands apart from other strips technically for mainly two reasons.
1. Translation was never an issue. His wits were conveyed without a dialogue.
2. He is one character who never had gone through any change in anatomy even when he went through the hands of numerous artists after the death of Carl Anderson in 1948. His simplicity was his sophistication.

DARA said...


Thanks,I want fans like you!

P.S.- Can you believe,some pple,frm account 'Ghost Buster' put his/her comment in the morning that I did theft these scans frm some blog which I never heard!!

ahahaahahah.....only hope,Anupam may read these who'd gave me 6/7 months ago,...FULL SET of C.Anderson's Henry which's my trasure!!

So,my credit always goes to 'him first'..then some Kaltu B or so.....

rivu said...

where can i get a full set of henry comics?