Tuesday, January 1, 2008

*NEW YEAR* Release :Comic #5:Phantom D010:The Mysterious Girl(1939)


Lets celebrate this moment,this very new year:2008!! (ALSO,it's the EARLIEST release of this NEW year!!..yeahhhh ;-))))

Now,with MY heartiest wish to ALL of my friends & visitors,here I'm presenting another vintage Daily strip of Phantom :The Mysterious Girl(D010 ;1939) which illustrated by the pioneer illustrator of GWW :Raymond Moore!!
And finally,with my usual style,like all previous P/M strips,this one also NEVER published in Indrajal Comics....
Thanks Andreas for this one!!

ENJOY this thriller......
Before download the comic,have a few glimpses of this vintage thriller....

DOWNLOAD The Mysterious Girl(D010)


Indrajal Comics Club said...

thanks for posting ... i'm the first to wish u a happy new year..

bahadur said...

Great post,keep it up.

Grouchy's Comics said...

wish you a very happy new year!
Please post more strips.

DARA said...


Yup..u r 1st indeed!!thnx :-)

DARA said...


Same to ya n thnx for liking it!!

DARA said...



Will try to post more 'vintage strips' in future!!keep coming.... :-)

comicrazee said...

wishhhing u a verrry happpy
2 . 0 . 0 . 8 . . .

Keep up with your mysterious, unique, exclusive, thought-provoking posts.

DARA said...


THANKS very much for all these compliments!! :-))

Yes,I'll do publish many more strips,which r real vintage n thriler,,,along with those comic-discussions!!

Keep coming........

Ajay said...

Indrajal comics had published some of Moore & Lee falk stories :
1: moogoo's doll # 19 moore & mc coy
2: king pepe' bride # 21
3: Black perals strings # 23
4: golden princes # 18
5: The Scarlet Sorceress # 22
But these were not a great success
this is just to clarify that Indrajal never published Moore 's works

DARA said...

Hi Ajay,
thnx 4 input!

BUT,among your mentioned 5 strips,ONLY ONE(S015)sunday strip solely by gr8 MOORE was published in ijc,other TWO(S017,S021)were shared with Mccoy....rest r solely Mccoy's work!! (info. curtsey DeepWoods)

Here's the LIST:
S012 The Golden Princess[McCoy]
S015 King of Beasts[Moore]
S016 The Scarlet Sorceress [Moore/McCoy]
S017 The 12 Tasks[Moore/McCoy]
S021 The Haunted Castle[Moore/McCoy]