Friday, January 25, 2008

Comic #12:Mandarke's Triple Wedding strips(D226 -D228) in a "Book-Format"!!(Comic Crazee's FABULOUS Contribution)

UPDATE:A warm wish on 'Republic day' to all Indian friends!!
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Wow!!!!!! that was my first reaction when,just half-an-hour ago, I saw these Mandrake strips in my desired-format(including the SPECIAL Wedding Cover of Mandrake-Narda).
You might already have downloaded and read Mandrake's Triple Wedding strips(D226 -D228) from MTM blog. Those are great indeed,but what I felt,as reading in a single-strip-format ,it's not much appealing!!!

Thus,I had request ComicCrazee to rearrange those single-daily strips in a page-wise format!! I was quite sure that it's nothing for him (after seeing so many of his 'contributions' including fabulous coloring in B/W Pioneer strips),but considering the time involved,I initially hesitated a bit to ask him.But mine Mandrake-Mania finally made me to request him & he readily accepted it self-lessly.

Thanks you ComicCrazee :D

Here I'm presenting one of his 'pearls'...Please give him(CC) a BIG thanks...he deserves it!!!!


P.S.- This triple-wedding special includes Mandrake's Wedding at the College of Magic, Big Jake & Co and Mandrake's Wedding at Xanadu.

DOWNLOAD Mandrake's Wedding (D226 + D227 +D228)


Grouchy's Comics said...

Great Stuff Sagnik! Wonderful contribution CC! How did you merge the strips? Its better than results obtained from 'ComicGen'!
Good Cover too!

Sagnik your blog is as they say a 'happening thing' this year. Keep going.

DARA said...


He's expert,man!! ;-)

It's the SAME thing that publishers do with strips,say our ToI did with P/M/F stripsin abook-format & published under the banner:'Indrajal Comics'!;)

Btwn,thnx 4 compliment...and as Poll indicates,you will find here many IJC-scan in next month,wid my occasional 'other' posts!!
Keep coming....... :-)

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Nice work in encouraging Comic.Crazy to do this for all mandrake fans...
Yours is a great blog. I have posted the cover page only of the book as I wanted to make it available to the fans visiting my blog and also modified the CBR file to include the credits. You may want to do that for your download in rapidshare or actually use the mediafire link so that fans get to know the people involved in getting this project done. The link to the CBR is Hope you can change the links ASAP.

DARA said...

#Bala: Thnx for visiting & also sharing that link!! :-)

I've upadted the d/l link ...thnx aagin you & CC for make aavilable these aamzing n RARE Mandrake-strips!!!

adibud34 said...

Hey, cool job, Dara! It'll be fun to get some IJCs along with all the 'philosophy'...ha ha....just kidding...I love reading your analyses ;) BTW - my subject is Management - I am still undecided whether to go in a macro direction or in a micro direction -by May, I will know!