Saturday, January 5, 2008

Comic #8:D016:The Phantom GOES to War(The Inexorables) [1942]

It's a world wide known fact that,R.Moore was the original illustrator of Phantom strips,since 1936.It's only during World War-II ,he left this work to participate in the war.Then,McCoy ,then his assistant ,took the illustration-job of Phantom for a while.

There are few strips which partially done by Moore & rest completed by McCoy.
Here I'm going to present a fabulous n extraordinary strip:Phantom goes War(D016;1942)'s during those days of WW-II,when Denkali also attacked & how Phantom,being the legendary saviour ,lead those natives to protect themselves!!
Thrilling & quite spine-chilling script by maestro Lee Falk and with support,fabulous art-work makes it an unique tale among ALL a result,PGW is simply a MUST READ for every Phan!!

In short,it's an amazing tale where ,according to many Phans, Phantom became true legendary saviour !
Between,PGW ran for 49 weeks i.e. all most a year!!
So,go n read it....:-))
This time many thanks to Sheril due to whom,I've many a amazing strips in my collection!!Thanks once again....:-))
P.S.- I can publish many vintage strips of Phantom/Mandrake,only if visitors/fans are,lemme know what you guys want through your comments & I'll post accordingly!
Before download,have some glimpses..........


bahadur said...

Great post,Dara.Keep it up.
Will to see more strips here,sometimes coloured ones too.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Yes Its a great post and more would be welcome!

Thanks a lot.

DARA said...

#Bahadur: Thnx 4 the appreciatn!

#GS:Thnx,fortunetly having quite a few,will publish soon...

Keep coming n commenting!! :-)

Chatur Cheeta said...

Thanks for the strip although it has been posted earlier but it is for the benifit "For those who came in late...."
You seem to have a lot of old & rare P/M strips. I request you to post/share these strips more freequently while posting your excellent evaluative & informative research/comments on these strips.

DARA said...


D016 had been Posted EARLIER????? WHEREEEE???

Am sure,'NOT' in ANY of our Comic/ijc-blogs!!

But,if it...lemme know!!

And thnx for appreciatn!

Chatur Cheeta said...

Dear Dara, D016 was first posted by Ivan Pederson in his IP Comics site.
I know that while maintaining a massive site/blog such as yours, duplication of effort are bound to happen. My intension was never to discredit your efforts or to dishearten you. I am sorry if I have hurt your feeilings in any way. Afterall you are taking pains in doing something for us that I could not do myself.

Keep up your great work. With best wishes.

DARA said...


I hope u know,Ivan had abndoned his site long ago n now post only a discussion board like me n NOT ANY STRIPS!!"i.e. he deleted ALL those strips he once posted!!"

U may have d/l those vintages frm his site,but there r many others who reqr these...

If IpComics wud have still alive n readers can access those strips,then it one can call dupliactn(as it happens in our IJC-blogs) ,,but here it's different!!

anyway,thnx 4 visit!