Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Comic #9:Mandrake:S116:Emile, Emir of Emmo(1972)

After a series of Vintage-n-rare B/W Phantom strips,here is a Colored Sunday Strip of Mandrake -the 'legendary' Magician!!
It had been published in Indrajal #181,an inside story as Solution! it's an amusing tale ...

Again my heartiest thanks goes to Sheril,who has sent a few fabulous Mandrake strips(incld. this) in the last week!!
I read this in Indrajal version & here posting the ORIGINAL Colored strip!

Enjoy & lemme know whether want more such strips in future!!
P.S.- ALSO, my 50th post is coming soon...I will definitely present some biggie in that occasion!wait for few days... :-)

Download S116


Grouchy's Comics said...

Wonderful to see you so regularly posting strips. More would definitely welcome. This is a nice mandrake strip. Some pages are missing though. Would be nice if we could get these.

Great going! Expecting a great 50th post.

DARA said...

Thnx Pattu!!

It's nice strip indeed!!

"Some pages are missing though"

with contrary,NOT A SINGLE PAGE is missing!!it's a 13-week strip n so I posted 13 pages!!

A INFO(Barryan's site):
"S116 Emile, Emir of Emmo '20 Feb 1972 to 14 May 1972' 13 weeks"

Expecting a great 50th post.

Yes!I'll try to make it big!!thnx again... :-))

Grouchy said...

Oh! BUt it looks like the story is jumping suddenly. Mandrake gets a Phone and in the next strip he is Inter intel. Suddenly he is in that kingdom. If no pages are missing then the story has a pacing problem!

comic.crazy said...

Nice strip Dara,

Pattu though it seems to be jumping, if you read Lothar's dialogue and the next frame you can see the link, which seems to make the story go faster.

Dara keep posting more.


DARA said...


As ComicCrazee rightly mentioned,u missed that panel where Lothar received a phone frm Inter Intel!Then it showed how they(M/L) reach that secret those gigantic escalator ,,,evry thing is OK n very much in order!!
Then,after a long meeting there M/L duo reach that Kingdom....a small 'circular panel' mentioned their arrival!!....u may call it bit pacy,but of'cos NOT incomplete!!

But,it's a quick adventure of'cos...personally I felt bit pacy where suddenly M/L collect those reqrments to act as 'Prof.Mandagora',,,,

comic.crazy said...

Dara, but Pattu is right in different place where the 7th page is missing and 8th page is repeated, thus counting to 13 pages! (unless I'm seeing things...)

DARA said...


Thanks for soo intimate looks in the strips!!I am a proud 'Man-Phan'(a title inspired me after success of the 'Phan') n love other Man-Phans too!!!:-)

But,what I wanna say,this strip has indeed MISSED one week worth,,,,but I guess,it's with earlier it's complete acc to deepwoods ...but,if one read IJC version,there it stated as like "Narda was solving puzzles,asked Mandrake what's Emil,Emir of?? Then,Hojo answred 'Emmo' & described who he's!"
This strip(S116) is from this 'explanation-point',it's King Features fault to put 1st page as the Last one of previous strip:S115!!

DARA said...


I'm extremely sorry for didn't provide that 7th page where it's depicting M/L arrival in Kingdom n hence make the story bit incomplete!!
Xtremely sorry for ALL OF my bak-bak b4 checking it!!

And ,I glad to see,you guys fond of these colored strips!!

Keep coming..:-))

#C: Thnx very much 4 point-out!!NO!! ur vison is perfect,may b I seeing things!! ;-)

Wait 4 SPECIAL on 50th post,,,,

Grouchy's Comics said...

The story is now complete. Many thanks.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Take a look at this link:

Mihir Bose is a respected journlist and he writes only when gets inside info like the above.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Sorry here is the complete link