Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hip hip hurrreeeeeeeee!!!!! :D

ohh yeah.........Finally we managed to beat ugly Aussies in their OWN ground n in front of those uglier Aussie supporters!!! :-)))

This is a huge victory overseas ,specially as after long 23-year we won another ODI series in Australia! And that too by straight 2-0 victory in the finals!! :D
Well done Team India!!! And congrats Dhoni for leading the team well!! I've no qualms to confess,I dislike some of his impulsive decisions/attitudes(like criticising seniors publicly bit too much etc) ,but finally he managed to lead the Team India to a MEMORABLE victory with this relatively younger side(all though except Rohit & Praveen,other youngs either flopped or didn't got any chance!). So,kudos to you ,MSD! Keep it up.... :-)

Even though every players contributed to this victory,in batting, again it was lead by the old gold Sachin(399 runs in this CB series) with seasoned players like Gambhir(440 runs ) & Dhoni(total 347) ...but bowling department is looking MORE complete wid new guns like today's MOM Praveen(4/46) ,Ishant followed by seniors like Bhajji(great going Panji!!) who contributed immensely!!
Between,Sachin was really out-of-form before the last Lanka match,but he backed with a bang and it's he whose batting gave India a decent total to fight on(in fact he was highest scorer in the LAST 3 matches...with 63,117* n 91 today)!

Only concerns are ,I guess,Virendra Shewag & Yuvraj's inconsistent batting & Utthapa,who was the biggest flop in this tri-series! :-/

Any how,no doubt it's a great victory & a great day of Indian cricket!! :D



Indrajal Comics Club said...

good analysis..

ravi gokhale said...

Dear DarA
Could u please provide a download link for 'female phantom' posted on 9th Dec? I couldnt find it.
Many thanks
Dr Ravi Gokhale

dArA said...

Thnx 4 letting me know....I'd put ALL pages of this strip on-line n forgot to provide d/l link! :(

Anyway,it's now provided in that post..do check it! :-)

Btwn,keep coming..