Sunday, March 16, 2008

SUNDAY Release: Comic#23:Mandrake Sunday:The Space Pack(S114 ;1971)

New Update(18/3/2008): Download links of the BOTH Strip & Indrajal versionsof Space Pack have been provided. Please note,the Indrajal(#179) having this Mandrake story as a side-story with one Phantom.Thanks to Prabhat's esnips folder ,one can easily find this Ijc there.. :-)
UPDATE:Thanks to Colin,I realised in this strip,3 pages are missing!!Now,I having a scan of the Indrajal version of this Space pack(Ijc #179),,in which missing pages are intact!!
So,I've selected those pages & as the 'missing' portions are some what 'shared' in multiple Indrajal pages,thus I have edited those pages to make the 'missing' part(of this strip) in a lesser number (of pages)!!
As a result,3 more pages (the 4th,8th & 11th) have been added to this 12-page strip in order to 'complete' the story!!!
have FUN!! :-))

Another colored (& unedited!) Mandrake Sunday on Sunday !!Another central galactic adventure where our planet:Earth faced a dreaded encounter wid some weird space demons:The space Pack!!!!

Mandrake in action with the officials of Magnon(the emperor of C-G)...a 'MUST READ' adventure for all Man-Fans!!!! :-))

For sake of info ,it had been published in a Phantom Ijc(Third Phantom; #179 ;1973) as a side story...
HAVE FUN..... between,I've edited/re paneled this strip which was bit hazy .....
By the way,for a change,read the complete Sunday on-line......

Download 'Original Strip' Version
Download 'Indrajal' Version(as a side story)


ravi gokhale said...

Yup. I remember this story.

adibud34 said...

Thanks a lot for this one as well, Sagnik. Wow, you are practically posting a new strip daily....:) thanks so much!

Colin said...

There are three pages missing from your collection on the blog, is that right?

The strip actually ran for 12 weeks, not nine.

Have I jumped in early (??) as the link to read online does not work anyway at the moment.

dArA said...

Did ya read in Ijc or strip?? i guess it's Ijc as a 1973 publication indicates it was yur era! ;-)

dArA said...

Thnx for late I decided to increase the frequeny...btwn wait for the thriller of Hzz and a bumper for silver Jubilee issue!!

Keep coming.......

dArA said...

You r rite...i've rectified those 'missing' portion wid our Indrajal Comics version of this Mandrake strip(Ijc#179)!!
Have a look...

the link to read online does not work anyway at the moment

Nope!!it's perfect here...may b a server problem in ur part!

ravi gokhale said...

Yup. It was IJC I read. I wd have been 13, well and truly hooked on IJCs in those days.Had no time for anything else in those days apart from swimmimg.