Friday, March 28, 2008

Comic #24:Phantom Daily:Hzzz(D128;1975)

Sorry friends for this long time-gap,was quite busy!Anyway,here's the continuation part of that thrilling Cavelands mystery...Hzz(D128)!!

Now,lets talk about something hatke n also very interesting finding! ;-) Recently ,when we were discussing on quality/speciality of various Phantom artists in our Phantom Phorum ,one Phan said ,we've set those artists at a legendary standard who had/have illustrated beautiful/appealing pics of Diana/other female characters in Phantom strips & for the rest ,we marked 'em as if ordinary!His point was,we should stress on overall art n NOT only how those females were illustrated....yes,it's very much true,but later,what I'd's ONLY those artists who'd delivered beautiful females(in strips),also have illustrated our masked hero:the Phantom in a better manner!!!

Starting from the beginning,Moore , the pioneer Phantom-illustrator,introduced Phans wid one beautiful/charming lady in his very first strip,way back in 1936 & she was Diana Palmar(D001:Singh Brotherhood)!!...also his Phantom was MOST mysterious among all era!!Later,McCoy took the charge,,,but his Diana or Phantom(in fact the whole art) was NOT that appealing as Moore!Then,it was Barry who gave GWW a complete make-over....his each n every illustration was brilliant...n it's needless to say,his Diana was a charming/hot babe wid that brave/masculine Phantom...ain't?? :o)

Till now we'd discussed those illustrators of Falk-Phantom...if we look at those Non-Falk Phantomet stories,there also we can see the best artist was Felmang & incidentally his Diana was the best (among many others)!!!! :-)

Here I displaying some Felmang's personal drawing(courtesy PF) wid my own 'collection' of some beautiful moments of Diana (I've edited/cropped some selected panels from the original Falk-Barry strips) fact,I've more,but for now have these few.... ;-)



Now, enjoy this strip ...

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Ciro said...

Yes, it is very interesting the way to present the comics, and your articles are very interesting
i hope you continue on this way

Amar Nath said...

Thanks Dude...
I completely agree with your first para. And, the BW un-edited versions are the best.
Keep the good work going...
BTW.. do you have un-edited BW version of "Journey to the Emerald Island (IJC V-25, No. 1,2)"? (might have asked it before also)


Chatur Cheeta said...

Hi Sagnik!

Just now came to know of your birthday from ICC blog.

Wish you a Very Happy Belated Birthday!!

Would wish you in-time next year.

dArA said...

You are welcome.Tes,I'll try to continue in this fashion....atlst hope so! :-)

Keep coming....

@amar nath:
Yes,b/w versions r best for reading purpose,but our Indrajal Versions too are very special for us,as thoz bring fond nostalgic memories of our childhood....when we were 1st introduced wid thez gems,way back in 1988-89(for me n my class amtes)!ain't? :D
I probably have the strips you mentioned & having the iphysical copy of Ijc versions!will post some day...

dArA said...


After long time you here!
Thanks for the wish...n it's ok!

Keep coming...btwn,what you think abt these 'special' Diana/Female Phantom pics?? ;-)

Chatur Cheeta said...

The 'special' Diana/Female Phantom pics are great. You may post the complete comics/stories of these pics. It was nice of you to post Hzz in quick succession to the Caveland monster. Waiting for the successive stories of Hrzz & Rzzz.

dArA said...

You may post the complete comics/stories of these pics

If you notice closely,these 'special glimpses' were taken from D126(Cavelands) which alredy had posted here n rest from other strips!

I'd actually 'edited/cropped' selected panels(of Diana) from diffrent strip-pages n then form a special collection!...n more to come! :o)

adibud34 said...

Happy B'day Sagnik again! Have fun today, and it's good to see another post from you after a looong time! :)

Say, I was wondering about this - did you ever consider posting all the English non P/M's like Bahadurs, Garths, etc? I looked at the list of comics available on the different blogs, and non P/M english ones are very few and far in between. That might be a new direction to take your blog in - but of course, it depends on interest levels of everyone.

And yes, I would rather read comics where "Beautiful Females" are present!!! Ha ha! :)

dArA said...


Thnx for the wish...:-)

You shud have meant non-P/M/B as pleanty of Bahadur r available on-line(also 3 Dara of his 8 comics,rest will come in gud time).......
And abt rest,it's really fact...the thinking "who'll read Garth/Buz etc" prevent bloggers to scan,either visitors have to be active(to show REAL interests for thez comics) or the bloggers!!
Meri baat mano toh,it's visitors who've to take the initiative!:-)

Cheers! :D

adibud34 said...

Sagnik, no no, it is non P/M only. Bahadurs are mostly posted as hindi comics....very few of the English ones are posted on any of the blogs. I think the last Bahadur posted was by Sameer last, yeah I guess it depends. So, how'd you celebrate your b'day? :)

dArA said...

Bahadurs are mostly posted as hindi comics

It's true...but I remember once you'd wrote in some blog that,,,you r comfortable in hindi??

And for a personal note,I always enjoyed desi comics like Bahadur/Dara/ACKs etc in indian languages(Bengali for me,sometimes hindi)...english version r good,but Bengali touched me more...
WHILE for foreign coomics like Phantom/Mandrake/Superman/Archie etc etc,it's the BOTH Bengali/Englaish that I enjoyed...sometimes even the english versions r more entertaining!

dArA said...

On B'day...we'd a special dinner wid my favorite dishes!! :D


sql2008 said...

Thanks for the downloadable comics, it is great to find the strip where Phantom learns he is going to be a father :)
I'ld like to re-share this among my Phantom posts