Friday, August 24, 2007

Comic #1:Mandrake Daily-Strip:Secret Mission(D231;1999)

Hi all friends. Today I'm posting the link of LAST Mandrake Daily scripted by Falk in the 1999. It's,eventually,the 1st Original Comic-Post in this blog aswell! :))
Just read this one....a perfect thriller! and has Narda...she looks stunning!!:o))
It has some similarities with a popular Mandrake Sunday strip published way back in 1987 ....ardent fans may recognise that. ;o))



ghoshbaba said...

I used to go to cc frequently, until an active contributer to that blog started leaving vulgar comments on my blog..

your's seems to be more versatile anyway, so will keep coming.

and - nopes I don't have any scans of luke, and my comic collection is back home - and I'm sure others have claimed parts of it.

as for u -
chaliye jao!

Anonymous said...

i trained in calcutta, other than that lived in other parts of india.

JJ said...

And there was a really hilarious Asterix like strip - Daku Paan Singh - who gained superstrength when fed special paan by his sidekick Supari Laal in Madhu Muskan. Very good quality and well worth seeking out. :-)

jj said...

Hi Sagnik,

You talked about Sy Barry making Phantom greater - I don't disagree. When very young I used to think Chalta-Phirta Pret/Vetal was a totally indian comic and supported him and Bahadur over the western Superman/Batman. Patriotic thinking. :-)
Incidentally Mandrake is considered the world's first superhero and Chriss Angel (world famous magician who has program on Axn TV) is going to act as him next year! Movie to be directed by Chuck Russell, director of such films as Eraser, The Mask, and The Scorpion King. So it is going to be very big movie and the west will learn for the first time what a great character mandrake is. :-)

Work said...

this link is not working.. can u pls check